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Organisers and partners

The EU Days Lund is organised in cooperation with various actors.

EU Days Lund is an open forum for dialog and exchange of ideas on current European issues and the future of EU from an international and Swedish perspective. During EU Days Lund policymakers, representatives from the business sector, academia, EU institutions, civil society, students and citizens come together to network and exchange insight.


EU Days Lund is organised by the City of Lund, Lund University, the European Commission Representation in Sweden and Europe Direct Lund in collaboration with several co-organisers.


The conference and program are carried out in cooperation with the following partners: European Parliament, Sieps, Centre for European Studies, Global Policy Research Group, Swedish Council for Higher Education, Mobile Heights, National Board of Trade, and Fojo Media Institute.

Logotypes from City of Lund, Lunds University, European Commission and Europe Direcrt Lund.


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