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About Lund and the City Hall

The City of Lund is in the heart of the Öresund Region. Coming here is easy and most of the city centre is within short distance, including the City hall where we meet for the EU Days Lund.

Lund Cathedral from 1145.


In Lund, the vision "Lund creates the future - with knowledge, innovation and openness" runs as a common thread through everything we do. Universities and municipalities, research and development, business and society collaborate here.

Past, present and future

The City of Lund has 127 000 inhabitants and as part of the Öresund region – one of the strongest regions in Europe with four million inhabitants. In Lund, past, present and future meet.

Europe's most creative and cultural city

One of the city's foremost flagships is Lund University, which was founded in 1666 and has for several years been ranked around the 100 best universities in the world. With its 44,000 students, the university influences Lund's cityscape and culture, and the city is home to several festivals and recurring events. According to the European Commission's report "The Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor", Lund has been named Europe's most creative and cultural city in its size.

Beautiful backyards and squares

The medieval city center in Lund invites to pleasant shopping along lovely streets with taverns, cozy cafes, award-winning restaurants and unique shops with a local touch on both raw materials and product offerings. The environment is characterized by pleasant pedestrian streets, beautiful backyards and squares. Within walking distance, other exciting places to visit such as the iconic and magnificent Cathedral, The Museum of Sketches- which houses the world's largest collection of sketches, models and models of public art - and the stately University Library await. Lund offers a beautiful street scene with lots of picturesque environments that is an experience in itself when you stroll around the city between hotels, arenas and meeting facilities.

Venue: Lund City Hall

The EU Days Lund will be held at Lund City Hall.

Lund City Hall was designed by the Swedish architect and artist Klas Anshelm and built in 1968.

Find your way

Lund City Hall is situated in the main square, Stortorget, in the centre of Lund, only 10 minutes walk from the train station. There are also city buses from the train station that take you to Stortorget.


The main entrance from Stortorget is step-free and from there, there is a lift up to the second floor.

Around the corner from the main entrance is another entrance, which has a stair lift into theCity Hall.

Adapted toilets are available both on the ground floor and on the second floor. The building also has two toilets with changing tables.

Travel to Lund

Coming to Lund is easy, either by train, bus or car. Even if you choose to arrive by plane, Lund is easily accessible with two airports within 40 minutes.

To do in Lund

Among cobblestones and half-timbered houses, the medieval city center blends in with modern buildings and innovation environments. Here are Visit Lund's best tips on what to discover in Lund.


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