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Learning Support & Student Wellbeing

Learning Support & Student Wellbeing

At ISLK we provide education for international students with diverse backgrounds, knowledge, strengths and challenges. We aim to provide opportunities for each student to develop as a whole person and to become independent and confident life-long learners through a team-based approach between the student, staff and parents. We work proactively with learning and teaching to support student wellbeing through inclusive learning environments and curriculum opportunities.

More about our philosophy and how we work with inclusion and wellbeing can be found in our Inclusive Education policy.

Learning Support Team (LST)

The Learning Support Team at ISLK is a team with multiple competencies and collective experiences dedicated to promoting and supporting students' wellbeing and learning within the school. The team’s mission is to ensure an inclusive education for all students at ISLK by working collaboratively with the pedagogues to support students experiencing special educational needs or other difficulties. The team also works preventively with policy work, learning environments, staff professional development, and screening. The work is done at the individual, group and organizational levels. The Learning Support Team also works with a school doctor, a school psychologist, and other outside agencies within Lund’s municipality.

Contact details for members of the LST

Principal, +46 734 48 51 13

Vice Principal, +46 766-31 04 73

MYP Learning Support Coordinator, +46 734 48 55 96

MYP Learning Support Teacher

PYP Learning Support Coordinator, +46 723 91 56 04

PYP Learning Support Teacher

School Nurse, +46 734 48 57 88

Social Counsellor (social worker), +46 709 43 27 43


Support systems available in the municipality

ISLK students have access to and are part of Lund municipality’s health care provision. Parents are encouraged to reach out to and contact support systems available in the municipality for physical and psychological wellbeing concerns. General support and advice for parents is also available. Some links for easy access is available below. The sites are in Swedish but the information can easily be translated through google translate and the support offered is mostly available also in English.

Physical health:

Information about the school health care programme:

1177 is a collaboration between Sweden's regions with information about health, health systems and available health care.

In Sweden all children up until the age of 6 years old should be invited to a Child Health Care Centre, BVC (Barnavårdscentral). They are often located in connection with a health Clinic, VC (Vårdcentral). The BVC gives all kinds of support, advice and education for parents regarding their children, and they also carry out vaccinations and health check-ups for children until the age of 6 years old. If your child has not yet been invited to a local BVC, the school strongly recommends that you contact the nearest centre and register your child.

Psychological wellbeing & behaviour:

Bup Skåne online is a web service with information and advice regarding psychological wellbeing in children and adolescents. You will also find contact routes and information for how you can get support and advice that is available in the region of Skåne.

Support for parents - Lunds kommun

As a parent, you may sometimes need support in your parenting. Perhaps you have run into old tracks and need new tips and strategies to move forward.

Group support sessions for parents

Take your kids safely through the separation

Going through divorce or a separation can be challenging for you as a parent and for your children. Lunds kommun offer the digital platform SES, cooperation after a divorce, which will help you prevent conflicts, help the children through the break-up process while establishing parenting cooperation.

SES is free of charge and is easy to use. SES is offered in Swedish, English and Arabic.


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