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School life

School life

What's for lunch? When does the semester end? How do I get in touch with the teachers? You will find the answers for this and more, right here!

ISLK Vision

ISLK is committed to create an environment of equal opportunities that promote understanding and respect, with a continuous focus on social responsibility and democratic issues. ISLKs focus is on developing intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills so students can live, learn, work and succeed in a rapidly changing world.

What's for lunch?

All our students are served one warm meal a day in the canteen. The lunch menu is updated weekly (in Swedish).

Lunch menu for ISLK

Don't forget to report that your child is sick or for other reasons can't attend school. Planned absences should be applied for in advance.

Here you will find the dates for school holidays and when the semester starts and ends.

When do morning classes begin? What kind of snacks can my child bring to school? Where can we park the car when we pick up the kids?

The Families of ISLK is a parent association working on a volunteer basis to build a strong and welcoming community at ISLK.

Students from PYP3-MYP5 can apply for mother tongue classes. The classes take place once a week outside of regular school hours.

Log in to Managebac to contact teachers, find curriculum and student progress, and don't forget to update your contact information in OpenApply.


If you are applying for EYP or ASP you will need to submit the form Income of Statement since these programmes are fee-based and the fee is paid by the family according to the family income.

You have to apply to ASP two weeks in advance since it is a two weeks notification period for any changes in the schedule.

Do not forget to notify the school office if you have changed address, phone number or similar.

Application for mother tongue tuition at primary school ISLK Pdf, 288 kB.

ASP enrollment form ISLK Pdf, 602 kB.

Application for planned leave of absence during term ISLK Pdf, 147 kB.

BVC Permit Records ISLK Pdf, 126 kB.

Health declaration form ISLK Pdf, 159 kB.

Leaving the school form ISLK Pdf, 127 kB.

Mother tongue Leaving form ISLK Pdf, 113 kB.

ASP EYP income statement ISLK Pdf, 356 kB.

Leaving ASP EYP ISLK Pdf, 253 kB.


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ISLK offers a continuum of high-quality international education. Our vision is a community of lifelong learners reaching their full potential.


Be part of our community and apply to ISLK! We are an authorised IB World School offering the Primary Years Programme and the Middle Years Programme of the International Baccalaureate.


International Citizen Hub Lund provides helpful information to international employees and their families, arrange relevant activities, and offer a warm environment in which to meet.