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After school programme

After School Programme

The After School Programme (ASP) is an ongoing part of the school day for children whose parents work or study full-time and require care outside of the regular school hours. The ASP is a fee-based service and is open from 7.00 until 17.25.


Both parents must be working or studying during the hours the child stays in the After School Programme.

You need to fill out and hand into the school office:

  • Application form (this document includes an attendance timetable)
  • Declaration of income form (the fee is paid by the family according to their household income)
  • Both of your work/study schedules updated

When can your child start?

Your child can start the After School Programme after you get a date from the school office. It takes at least two weeks after we have received all of the above forms.

Once your child is in the ASP, any questions relating to attendance, who shall pick up your child etc, should be directed to the ASP staff.


Fees are based on the total gross taxable family income, regardless of where the income is generated – Sweden or abroad. If the monthly income is SEK 56 250 (new since 2024/01/01) or more you pay the maximum fee. Please write MAX on the income form if this is the case.

Fees for children in the After School Programme are paid 12 months of the year.

Please see the link below for fees and how to calculate your income.

Fees for EY and ASP


You must hand in a notification of leaving two calendar months before the last attendance date. You will be charged a fee for 60 days from the day the notice was handed in.

After school programme forms

Here you can find the forms related to the After School Programme (ASP). How to apply, how to cancel your placement and the income statement that is needed to calculate the fee.

ASP Enrollment form ISLK Pdf, 602 kB.

ASP EY Income Statement ISLK Pdf, 356 kB.

Leaving ASP EY ISLK Pdf, 253 kB.

Contact Details

ASP Phone 1, P1-2: 070-943 27 39 / 046-359 66 75

ASP Phone 2, P3-4: 070 943 29 20 / 046-359 42 23

ASP Phone 3, P5-6, MYP: 073-059 44 95 / 046-359 81 90


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