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About ISLK

International School of Lund Katedralskolan is an authorised IB World School offering the Primary Years Programme and the Middle Years Programme of the International Baccalaureate. ISLK offers a continuum of high-quality international education.

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Contact information

Visiting address: Linnégatan 2, 224 60 Lund
Tel: +46 46 359 45 42
To report a sick child: +46 0515-869 28

About us

ISLK is an authorised IB World School offering the Early Years Programme (EYP), the Primary Years Programme (PYP) and the Middle Years Programme (MYP) to students from 3 to 15/16 years of age. The school also offers pre-school for children from the age of 2. The language of instruction is English with courses being taught by highly qualified pedagogues with IB training and support.

The focus is on developing intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills so students can live, learn, work and succeed in a rapidly changing world.

The IB is a respected and widely followed academic programme in the international school world, with more than 4,000 schools worldwide offering IB programmes. As such, it is well suited to meet the needs of an internationally minded and globally mobile community.

The IB Diploma Programme for students aged 16-19 is taught at Katedralskolan.

Mission and vision

Mission: "ISLK is committed to creating an environment of equal opportunities that promote understanding and respect, with a continuous focus on social responsibility and democratic issues. The aim of the school is to provide a quality curriculum, allowing students to realize their highest potential and gain a life-long love for learning. Our mission is to educate all students in a supportive and challenging environment to become open-minded, life-long learners whose performance is a credit to themselves and society."

Vision: "A community of lifelong learners reaching their full potential".

Job opportunities

Want to work with us at ISLK? You can apply to our vacancies through our jobsite, or by sending an email to the contact in every publication. Do not forget to include the reference number.

Afterschool Pedagogue/Trained Teachers Assistant PYP PE

Studie- och yrkesvägledare/Career Advisor

Procedures for questions, suggestions and complaints at ISLK

The principal has the overall responsibility at ISLK. However, the school has a delegated leadership with clear areas of responsibilities. Therefore, we like for students, and guardians to contact the right person with their questions or concerns. It is usually best to send an email with the question. If you want to meet a member of staff in person, a time can be booked which suits everybody. Normally the class teacher/mentor or subject teacher is the first point of contact for students and guardians.

Teaching and learning

If there is a question with regards to the teaching and learning in a class or subject, always contact the teacher. They are the experts of the subjects or units and know what happens in the class or group of students.


If there is a more general curriculum question, or if there is a question with regards to teaching and learning which the teacher cannot answer, one can contact the programme coordinator. They are the experts of the programmes and supervise and guide the teachers in the implementation of the IB curricula. They also keep abreast of all the updates, reviews, and developments of the programmes.

Student wellbeing

If there is a question with regards to a student’s wellbeing, contact the class teacher or the mentor of the class first. They see the students often and have the overall responsibility of the pastoral care of the students.

If there is a concern with regards to the learning, which has first been addressed with the teacher, one can contact the Learning support coordinator for the respective programme. The Learning support coordinator works closely with the teachers to make sure there are strategies for support in the classroom.

School routines

If there are questions or concerns with regards to school routines, talk to the mentor och class teacher. If they do not know the answer, they will refer the question to the coordinators or vice principal/principal.

Incidents and safety concerns

If a student reports an incident in school at home, connected to classes or break time, contact the mentor och class teacher if they have not already contacted you. All reported incidents are investigated into.

If there is a general concern for safety in school, contact the principal.

Formal complaints

Formal complaints should be sent to the school in writing, either via e-mail or post, to the principal. Include the matter to be addressed, any documentation one would like to refer to and one’s contact

details; full name, address, and telephone number.

If one wants to file a formal complaint with the Education administration in Lund, one needs to include the matter to be addressed, any documentation one would like to refer to and full contact details.


Contact details

Emails to class teachers and mentors/subject teachers can be found on ManageBac.

EY team leader:

PYP Coordinator:

MYP Coordinator:

LS coordinator PYP:

LS coordinator MYP:

ASP team:


Vice Principal:

The address is:
Att. Ulrika Wiman
Linnégatan 2
224 60 Lund

The Education Administration:

E-mail: or by post Utbildningsförvaltningen Box 41, 22100 Lund


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