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Early Years in the PYP

Early Years in the PYP

The Early Years (EY) is for 2- to 5-year-olds and uses the IB PYP and Swedish Curriculum to support each individual child's development. You can apply when the child turns 2-years-old.

EY collage

Learner Agency and Learning through Play

The early years (EY) is for 2- to 5-year-olds and uses the IB PYP and Swedish Curriculum to support each individual child's development. At ISLK, Play is at the centre of the learning. Through play children inquire, explore and learn in an authentic and engaging way. Play involves choice, promotes agency and creates a strong sense of ownership of their learning. By listening to and observing the children, teachers can facilitate the learning, guide the learners and create playing opportunities for the learners to inquire into important concepts and personal interests.

Through play, the learners develop their social and self-management skills, crucial skills to become an independent learner and an active community member. Through art, sensory and physical activities, they also develop their fine and gross motor skills to become balanced students.

The learning environment

In the early years at ISLK, the learning environment is central to supporting play, exploration and learning. Different learning spaces are available which students can move freely throughout the day, for example:

  • A sensory and crafting space where children can manipulate and experiment with different textures, tools, materials.
  • A kitchen and art space where children can create individual or collective art pieces, or follow a recipe to bake a cake.
  • A construction space where children can build marble mazes, animal houses, the highest tower, etc.
  • A movement space where children can climb, slide or jump.
  • A role play space where children can play mom and dad in the kitchen or with a baby, the vet in the animal hospital, etc.
  • A library corner where children can sit comfortably to read a book.
  • A mathematical and science space where children can for example play board games, make puzzles, create patterns.
  • An outdoor playground where children can explore nature and experiment in different ways.


If you have any general questions about the EY, please contact the EY staff directly.


Direct number: +46 46 359 47 64
Mobile number: +46 734 48 50 28

Fee and income form

The EY fee is based on the total gross taxable family income, regardless of where the income is generated – Sweden or abroad. If the monthly income is SEK 56 250 (new since 2024/01/01) or more you pay the maximum fee. Please write MAX on the income form if this is the case.

Please see the link below for fees and how to calculate your income.

Fees for EY and ASP

Inform us 60 days in advance if you are leaving the EY

When leaving the EY please notify the school office on time since, like any other preschool in Lund, you will receive an invoice for the following month and the current month. The recommendation is to inform the office 60 days before leaving EY at ISLK.


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