Länk till startsidan

Programme – Culture Night 2022

On Saturday, 17 September, more than 50 participants will offer over 300 different activities throughout Lund, many of which are also available online.

Programme locations A-Ö


Sandgatan 2

13:00–15:00, 16:00–18:00 and 19:00–21:00

Riddles and the Mountain

Lund Student Theatre presents a performance of our original play, Riddles and the Mountain! The play is a romantic comedy that is presented in the style of a Shakespearean comedy. The play is an original work of one of our members. In English.




“Samband”, Lund’s very own samba school, invites you to a travelling street party! The procession starts at Bantorget at 13:00 and then travels to Lilla Fiskaregatan and on to Stortorget, which is the final stop of the parade.


Embassy of Movement – exchange!

You can find Embassy of Movement at Stortorget, Lilla Fiskaregatan and Bantorget between 14:00 and 17:00! Learn some new dance steps and show off your favourite moves.


Stortorget 2


Crime scene: Lund

Bestselling authors Frida Skybäck and Mattias Edvardsson have both written suspense novels set in Lund. Come and listen to them talk about what it is about the city that inspires them, how they craft their stories and why they chose to write about crime.


Sölvegatan 27


Space and science-themed board games

Games, puzzles and brainteasers for young and old! Mensa Syd offers light-hearted brain activities for all ages.


Solar telescope

We will use the solar telescope to make observations during the afternoon (Note: weather-dependent).


Open house

In the Andromeda and Cassiopeia lecture rooms of Astronomihuset, the Department of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics, in collaboration with Mensa Syd, is hosting space and science-themed board games for all ages.


The cosmic origin of life’s atoms

Lecture in Swedish by Nils Ryde.


Galaxies, virtual universes and supercomputers

Lecture in Swedish by Oscar Agertz.


How planets form

Lecture in Swedish by Johan Appelgren.


Exploring the stars of the Milky Way

Lecture in English by Diane Feuillet.


Merging black holes in star clusters

Lecture in English by Abbas Askar.


Stargazing and telescope viewing

When and if the stars come out, visitors are invited to look through the Department's telescope (Note: weather-dependent).


Ten things you might not know about the Milky Way

Lecture in English by Paul McMillan.


Where do we come from? Searching for the birthplace of the Sun. Lecture in English by Ross Church.


Kyrkogatan 3


Culture Night at Kino 2022

Kino is celebrating film culture with a special programme on Culture Night. For titles and screening times, visit kino.nu.


Sölvegatan 35A


Biology experiments

An exciting place for all curious children and adults. There are several clever and fun stations with hands-on activities and demonstrations in biology.

12:00–13:00, 14:00–15:00, 16:00–17:00

Biology show – for the young ones

A show about life and living things, spiced with laughter, disco lights and soap bubbles. For children aged 4 to 8. The show is about 30 minutes long. Tickets are distributed on site one hour before each show.

18:00–19:00, 20:00–21:00

Biology show

A unique show about life and living things, spiced up with laughter, spider dancing and a flag on the forehead. Everyone is welcome: children and adults, with or without prior knowledge. Tickets are distributed free of charge on site one hour before each show.


Östra Vallgatan 20


Bird walk in the Garden

The Lundabygden bird club invites you to join them on a bird walk in the Garden. There will be a bird guide, bird poetry and bird stories. Meet at the entrance to the greenhouse. Free of charge!


Band concert with dancing

Performance by Lund Symphonic Band together with dancers from Kulturskolan.



Culture Night in Brunnshög

Welcome to Lund’s exciting new district – Brunnshög! Several events will be happening here during Culture Night. For the full programme, see kulturnatten.nu.



Pictures and art

Exhibition organised by a private art group on Facebook with about 80 members.



Children's hangout at Clemenstorget

Welcome to this year's hub for children and families at Clemenstorget! You will be able to enjoy a children's funfair, music performances, authors and circus performers!


Kyrkogatan 6


Saturday concert

Organ concert with Ralph Gustafsson in Lund Cathedral.

11:00–11:15, 11:15–11:30, 11:30–11:45, 13:00–13:15, 13:15–13:30

The story of Finn the giant

The story of Finn the giant will told to children in Swedish in the crypt of the Cathedral.


Concert with the Lund Cathedral Boys’ Choir


Concert with Ostrochorus


Concert with Korallerna


Who is Jesus?

A discussion between Dick Harrison and Bishop Johan Tyrberg in the crypt of the Cathedral (in Swedish).


Concert with VOS


Mass in Lund Cathedral

Lena Sjöstrand, priest. Robert Bennesh, organist and choir director. VOS, choir.


Kyrkogatan 4


Exhibition and café “på Väggen” [on the Wall] in the Cathedral Forum.

Markus Sturfelt exhibits photographs “on the Wall” in the Cathedral Forum.


History and cultural heritage with Kulturportal Lund

Kulturportal Lund is a website about Lund’s history and cultural heritage. On Culture Night, Kulturportal Lund will show its extensive material.


16:00–17:30, 18:00–19:30, 20:00–21:30, 22:00–23:30

Ghost walk – A Culture Night classic!

Welcome to a tour of Lund's spooky history. You’ll hear about haunted houses, murders and other horrors that have occurred in the city. Tickets can be booked online (see kulturnatten.nu for more info) and paid on site. SEK 100 for adults, SEK 50 for children.

17:30–17:40, 18:30–18:40, 19:30–19:40

Ringing of the bells in Lund Cathedral

Ringing of the bells in Lund Cathedral. Best heard on the west side of the Cathedral, outside the main entrance.


Trollebergsvägen 58



Concert with recorder players, percussionists, guitarists and choir singers from Kulturskolan.


Kiliansgatan 13


Latin American evening

The Cubasalsa cultural association presents a Latin American dance evening in Lidforssalen, Folkets hus. See kulturnatten.nu for the programme.


Lilla Fiskaregatan 1A, 3rd floor


Culture Night at Folkhögskolan Hvilan/Hvilan SFI

All afternoon, Folkhögskolan Hvilan celebrates its new location in the historic Gleerup building in Lund. For the latest updates and times, see www.hvilan.se and kulturnatten.nu.


Skomakaregatan 6


Culture Night at Folkuniversitetet

Welcome to the Folkuniversitetet’s cosy courtyard! Here you can enjoy music and other culture. For the latest timetables, please see kulturnatten.nu or www.folkuniversitetet.se/kulturnatten


Magle stora kyrkogata 5


Theatre and music café with sound and light installations

Mingle at Fontänhuset and enjoy psychedelic music! Be mesmerised by the art exhibition's light installations and allow yourself to free fall during our theatre performance.


Art exhibition preview

Preview of Light Installations by Victoria M Lesinska (sound and light installations).


Psychedelic concert!

With tones of Jimi Hendrix and Jefferson Airplane, and with self-produced music, Fontänhuset plays for mental health and light.


Free fall – the art of free fall

A theatrical performance about mental illness where you will follow different individuals on their journey from exclusion to belonging, connection and meaningfulness.


Lilla Fiskaregatan 4D


1-year anniversary & extra opening at the fantasy bookshop Fredrik HC Books in Lund

Fredrik HC Books is a bookshop for fantastic second-hand literature in Lund – literature with a focus on the fantastic and impossible. The entire day will be full of both books and live music in the courtyard, which we share with Vintage Vinyl Records.


Krafts torg 10


Frimurareföreningen EOS

The Swedish Masonic Order is not a secret society, but a society with secrets. On Culture Night, all those curious and interested will have a unique opportunity to see some of the society's closed rooms and learn about their history. EOS will be open, offering refreshments and giving short lectures at regular intervals (13:30, 14:15, 15:00 and 15:45).


Sölvegatan 14


Physics & laser show

A unique, spectacular and world-famous performance with cool experiments and a super laser show. The show that demonstrates just how fun physics and science can be is back. The show is presented in different versions for different audiences according to the following schedule:

11:00–11:35 For children aged 4 and up.

12:00–12:45 For children aged 5 and up.

13:30–14:20 & 15:00–15:50 For children aged 6 and up.

16:30–17:30 & 18:00–19:00 For children aged 10 and up.

20:00–21:00, 21:30–22:30 & 23:00–00:00 For adults.

00:30–01:30 For adults in English.

Free entry, but tickets MUST BE BOOKED IN ADVANCE via TicketCo. Half of the tickets will be released as “advance purchase” and the rest on the same day. For more information, see the Facebook page.


Culture Night at Fysikum

Come and visit the amazing world of physics! It covers everything from the smallest elements to the deepest mysteries of the universe.


Physics lectures

Join us for interesting lectures on physics, from what’s around you in everyday life to the exciting facilities being built in Lund. Follow the signs to Rydbergsalen. We have room for about 100 people in the audience.


Good physics – Prof. Johan Mauritsson

How far can you shoot a champagne cork and how do you measure microwaves with a piece of chocolate? There is a lot of exciting physics happening in the kitchen – welcome to a fun and tasty lecture (in Swedish).


The European spallation source – Prof. Mats Lindroos

The construction of the European Spallation source together with the synchrotron light source MAX-IV in Brunnshög is the largest investment in science in Scandinavia since Tycho Brahe built his two telescopes on the island of Ven in the 1500s. What kind of research will be done at ESS, how do you build such a facility and why do we need both ESS and MAX-IV to be world leading in the science done at these facilities?


Science Slam 2022

Join us live for our yearly Science Slam with participants from all across the science faculty! Enjoy fun talks by researchers in a friendly, but competitive, atmosphere. The contenders will each have only five minutes to present their research in an entertaining way, and you get to vote for your favourite to help us determine the winner. Follow the signs to Rydbergsalen (H418 – Fysikum). Doors open at 18:45.


Bredgatan 5


Så kom spårvägen till Lund [How the tram came to Lund] – Lecture about the book

The new tram is the first in Sweden in 110 years and the most controversial urban development project in Lund’s history. Few – if any – projects have aroused so much emotion among the people of Lund.


Västergatan 11


The camera behind the camera

In the exhibition “Kameran bakom kameran” [The camera behind the camera], Mårten Tedin presents photos taken “sporadically next to my film camera,” as he puts it.


Trädgårdsgatan 13


Colourful Lund paintings in Nöden

Lund artist and illustrator Mats Milhamre shows colourful paintings in his own style, with the buildings at unique angles and joy in abundance.


Lilla Fiskaregatan 23

Björn Wessman

In the painting project ÖNS INRE, the viewers encounter Björn Wessman’s glowing images of the nature surrounding the artist’s studio in the Sollenkroka area of Värmdö.


Winstrupsgatan 1


How did things end up this way?

The concert band Röda Kapellet and two political scientists comment on the results of the 2022 election in words and music. Location: At the stairs outside the old power plant on Winstrupsgatan.


Kattesund 6A


Gamla Lund’s administrative office is open for visits to its popular reference library and for sales of its beloved yearbooks and memberships. At the same time, you have the opportunity to visit the Drotten church ruins, a major tourist attraction all year round.


Kiliansgatan 11

Culture Night at Hemgården, open 16:00–22:00. Free entry. No alcohol or drugs allowed. For updated times and more information about the shows, see Hemgården’s social media.


Cinema: Encanto (Swedish audio)


Cinema: Encanto (English audio)


Live music


Live music


Live music with fire show.
Valak Cultus closes the evening.


Krafts torg 1

The museum is open 12:00–22:00, with free admission, and offers a variety of activities during both the day and the evening.


Children’s activities

The Cathedral and the Historical Museum have partnered to offer child-friendly activities at Krafts torg, where you can test your knowledge by solving various tasks and answering tricky questions. Suitable for all children, regardless of age.


Open house, guided tours

The evening offers content more suited to adults. It is still possible to solve tasks that are more suitable for children, but during the evening museum staff will be present throughout the building to give guided tours.


Concert with Lund Chamber Choir


Concert with LTH Choir

A cappella singing from different periods for mixed choir.


Mårtenstorget 6

Open house with Hälsans hus! From 10:00 to 16:00 you have the opportunity to try different treatments, such as reiki healing and singing bowl massage. Contact info@halsanshus.nu to find out more.


Mindful Yoga

Using simple physical and mental exercises, you will take away powerful tools to manage your everyday life, feel better and grow.


Lightworker meditation with singing bowls and gong!

This meditation is designed for all therapists and energy workers who need a refresher and/or an opening in the Akashic Record to align with the new energy.


Did you know that the heart has 40,000 brain cells?

In The Art of Leading with the Heart, you’ll get the key to finding your inner power and potential.


Can HYPNOSIS help?

From burnout, depression, anxiety and trauma to flow & new energy, better self-esteem & self-compassion.


Aura-Soma Colour Healing

Listen to the moving story of how Vicky Wall, an English natural pharmacologist, created Aura-Soma.


Gong bath!

Gong bath is a very old form of sound therapy and originated in Asia, where it has been practiced for thousands of years.


Anahata Yoga

Gentle movements and postures, breathing exercises, meditations and mantra chanting designed to create balance, strength and harmony.


Gut feeling and intuition! How can you better use your inner GPS in everyday life?

Gut feeling and intuition are our inner compasses. But what do they consist of? How can you tell the difference between them, and how can you know when to rely on them?



MediYoga is a therapeutic form of yoga used in healthcare. It consists of breathing exercises, simple gentle movements, focusing techniques, relaxation and meditation.


Liberating dance!

Come and follow your body’s own rhythm in a wonderful atmosphere, community and flow. No special clothes needed. Come as you are.


Sölvegatan 26


Open house and open lab

This year the Ingvar Kamprad Design Centre turns 20 years old, and this will be celebrated in Culture Night! Among other things, you will be able to visit some of IKDC’s labs: the 3D printing lab, the Light lab and the Virtual Reality lab.


Idrottsgatan 4


Make your self-portrait in clay

Make your self-portrait in clay – just pay for the materials. Limited number of places!


Stora Gråbrödersgatan 13


Exhibition with Kent Wisti and Malin Grünewald

The exhibitions start with a preview 12:00–16:00 and then continue 17:00–23:00.

Kent Wistiis the priest who did radio summer talks and draws satirical cartoons for DN. During Culture Night, Jäger & Jansson will hold a preview of his emotional paintings and the release of his new book “Svartgrundet”. He will present his works and new book at 17:00.

Malin Grünewald studied at Kunsthøgskolen in Bergen, Norway 2006–2009. Malin lives just outside of Lund, and works as a quality specialist in the manufacturing industry in parallel to her artistic work with techniques such as painting, graphics and drawing.


Klostergatan 11


Forest Lights by Mats Reslow

Exhibition by photographer Mats Reslow, who lives in the countryside of Skåne. Two years ago during the pandemic, Mats Reslow started exploring and photographing local forests close to home.


Trollebergsvägen 4

10:00–10:40, 11:00–11:40

Church detectives

The Church Shadows are at it again! Detectives Milla and Jojo need the children’s help to find the missing church silver.


Heritage and environment tour around Klosterkyrkan

The cemetery around Klosterkyrkan is Lund’s oldest cemetery that is still in use. There are many traces of times gone by and a rich cultural and historical heritage that you will hear more about during this walk.


Concert with Kulturskolan pupils

Welcome to a church concert with Kulturskolan pupils and guests from Denmark and Germany.


Lunds Vokalensemble

We invite you to come listen to Lunds Vokalensemble. The choir looks forward to performing a varied a cappella programme under the leadership of conductor Martin Arpåker.


Matilda Espmarker band

Strong lyrics, voices and melodies about love and home are offered in an acoustic setting. Original material reminiscent of American folk music, with hints of mandolin and cuatro.


Trio Amorosi “From late romanticism to swing”

Gunilla Ibérer piano, Matilda Espmarker vocals and Bo Nilsson clarinet perform repertoire from 19th century classical and romantic styles to 1940s swing and jazz.


Guitar concert Bach/Piazzolla

Jim Nilsson offers a programme in which Piazzolla’s four seasons are interspersed with Bach’s contemplative sarabands.


Lilla Fiskaregatan 23


Lund watercolours with Erik Lundgren

Exhibition with Lund

watercolours by the artist Erik Lundgren.


Mårtenstorget 3


Culture Night at Lunds konsthall

We invite you to visit our newly opened exhibition BEHOLD, WE ARE HERE.

Participating artists: Ikram Abdulkadir, Aftenskole, Meriç Algün, Arkiv S, Rebeca Carapiá, Madubuko Diakité, Susanna Jablonski, Vincent Meessen and Roberto N Peyre. Curator: Hanni Kamaly.



Family programme – theme 2023

Children and families are invited to Krafts torg to build wooden tower roofs, play bells, cut and paste tower roofs and meet historical figures who have moved in and around the Cathedral over the past 900 years.


Creative workshop with Cirkusvagnen

Creative workshop for all ages, but children have priority. Come and create your own shadow puppet!


Mårtenstorget 3


Ana Rebordão – Dentro

In the project “dentro”, different iconographies converge to comment on transcendental and everyday issues.




Evening opening hours at Kulturen!

During Culture Night, the entire open-air museum is open – both the building and the exhibitions. Take part in exhibitions such as Dressed up – female fashion, Pippi Longstocking – a play exhibition, Weapons – Power over life, and Coffee – a hot history.


Torch walk in the park

Find out the answer to a riddle by taking a quizzical walk in the museum park. Bring your own torch or borrow one on site. You can start the tour at any time, but to make sure you finish, don't arrive later than 21:30. Ages 6 and up accompanied by an adult.


Culture Night chamber music with Cappella Lundensis

This year the chamber orchestra Cappella Lundensis will perform works originating from around the Baltic Sea: Sibelius, Wirén and Bacewicz, under the musical direction of Wieska Szymczynska. The performance is in the Auditorium.


Skånes Jakthorn

Hunting horns are primarily associated with use in hunting, but they also have a place in concert and church music. Skånes Jakthorn would like to spread knowledge about this tradition.


Passion and Serenades – songs and arias from Italy

Songs and ensembles originating in sunny Italy. Lovely melodies are performed in Italian, Swedish and French. The performance concludes with some classic songs in which the audience is invited to join in.


Sankt Laurentiigatan 1


Improvisational theatre

Improvisational theatre with the drama pupils of Kulturskolan.


Action painting and jazz

Kulturskolan pupils create an outdoor painting together with a jazz group. Suggest themes and see what happens!

17:00–17:50, 18:00–18:50, 19:00–19:50, 20:00–20:50

Chamber concert

Concert with Kulturskolan music pupils.


Chamber concert

Chamber concert with music teachers from Kulturskolan Lund and guests from Germany and Denmark. They offer a varied programme to say the least, with everything from classical music to modern musical theatre!


Lilla tvärgatan 2


Livet i Nöden

Last year’s hit is back! Livet i Nöden [Life in Nöden] is a folklore play set in the Nöden district of Lund in the 1940s and based on Gideon Walberg's play Söderkåkar. Refreshments available for purchase.


Helgeandsgatan 7


Rhythmics lesson with Lars Wedin

Magic with music! Experience rhythmic patterns, connect with yourself and others, and dare to improvise movement to music! The amazing rhythmics teacher Lars Wedin gives three free lessons:

School years 2–3: 11:00–11:35

School years 4–6: 11:40–12:15

Adults: 12:30–13:05

Free admission. No sign-up required. Max. 14 people/session. First come, first served.

Presented in partnership between LIMUS Musikskola and Musik i Torn. COVID-19 information: Only participants are allowed to be in the building. Parents may observe the class through the windows on the veranda.

16:30–17:30, 18:00–19:00

Culture Night, Lilla Pianorama

As a pupil, young or old, being able to help shape the Culture Night is not only fun but also part of LIMUS’ educational philosophy. At the two “home performances” in the Clara Schumann hall, you can first enjoy fine music with LIMUS pianists and a little later in the evening with the string pupils. Free admission. NOTE: Seating indoors is limited. You can also listen from the Clara Schumann veranda.


Bredgatan 25


Try out instruments, for adults

Meet LIMUS’ professional teachers, who have good experience in showing adults the first steps on a new instrument! We have gathered some of the finest instruments for you: the harp, the cello, the clarinet, the saxophone and the accordion! Language: Swedish and English. Free of charge. You will find the little garden building in the backyard. COVID-19 rules: One-to-one instruction. Friends need to wait outside the building.


Lasarettsgatan 5B


Culture Night at Livets museum

Livets museum, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, invites you to explore the functions of the body, learn about important advances in medicine, and view objects from Region Skåne’s medical history collection.


Lundagård, Kyrkogatan 15


Peña Flamenca El Planeta, performance and chance to try Flamenco to live music

Peña Flamenca El Planeta will present examples of their dance repertoire, and dance teachers will give the audience the opportunity to try their hand at flamenco dancing.


LL Dance Studio, performance and chance to try Show Dance

LL DANCE STUDIO offers a colourful show and a chance for all ages to try out some moves!


Misky Taky, Folk Dance performance to live music

By way of introduction, Misky Taky will perform a small production, an imaginary journey back in time to show what the Inca Empire was like.


Arnbergs Dansstudio, performance of mixed styles

Arnbergs Dansstudio offers a colourful show with their younger pupils as well as their older ones.


New York Dance, performance and chance to try Hip-Hop och Afro dance styles

A dance show with four different crews, followed by a workshop where everyone can get a chance to try out the dance styles.


Abadá-capoeira Lund, performance and chance to try Capoeira to live music

Abadá-capoeira Lund offers a Capoeira performance and chance to try the dance style to live music.


Style Dance Studio, Show Dance and Jazz performance

Style Dance Studio offers a dance show with show dance & jazz.


Svensk Indonesiska Bagusföreningen, Indonesian dance performance

Svensk Indonesisk Bagusföreningen presents two different Dayak dances from Borneo.


Mengue flamenco, performance and chance to try Flamenco to live music

Flamenco is an art form where dance and music are carried by specific rhythms. Mengue flamenco is a Swedish-Andalusian flamenco group that works both traditionally and across genres.


Dance association Balkanfötter Lund, chance to try Balkan folk dancing

Balkanfötter invites everyone to try out folk dancing from the Balkans. Since these are ring dances, no partner is needed.


Tangokompaniet, performance and chance to try the Tango

Tangokompaniet offers a tango performance and a chance to try out this dance style. A sparklingly cool dance where interaction and improvisation are the focus.


Lunds Studenters Folkdanslag, Swedish folk dance – performance and chance to try folk dancing to live music

Lunds studenters folkdanslag teaches the Schottis and the Long Dance.


Unstoppable Dance Studio, performance of a mix of Dancehall and feminine styles

Unstoppable Dance Studio is a newly created non-profit initiative with the goal of giving everyone access to dance classes, regardless of financial circumstances.


Folkdansföreningen Forras, performance and chance to try Hungarian dance

Hungarian cultural dances – pair dances, solo dances and ring dances.


Jannah Bellydance Showgroup, performance and chance to try Belly Dancing

Jannah wants to share her passion for this feminine dance style and inspire with these lovely oriental rhythms. Everyone who is interested is invited to try Oriental Belly Dancing with the group after the performance.


Fireflow Dance Studio, performance and chance to try Raqs Sharqi/Belly Dancing

Fireflow Dance Studio offers a multifaceted performance of Raqs Sharqi/belly dancing, and a chance to try the dance style for everyone who is interested.


Companiet SSK, FreakOut Crew, Dancehall and Hip-Hop performance

FreakOut Crew from Companiet SSK in Bjärred is Companiet’s show group. They dance everything from hip-hop to show dance.


HepTown, Chance to try the Lindy Hop

HepTown offers a fun chance to try the swing dance Lindy Hop, an African-American couple's dance from the 1920s and 1930s’ Harlem, New York.


Switch Rueda (Medborgarskolan), performance and chance to try Salsa

Switch Rueda from Medborgarskolan demonstrates both roles in the salsa – leader and follower – as well as turns where they imaginatively switch roles during the dance.


Fast Feet Society, Chance to try Collegiate Shag

Fast Feet Society invites you to try dancing Collegiate Shag. Collegiate Shag is an African-American partner dance originating in the 1920s-40s and danced primarily to up-tempo swing music.


Lundagård, Kyrkogatan 15


Industrihistoria i Skåne association

Industrihistoria i Skåne, which focuses on the industrial history of Skåne, is an association for networking and building knowledge about Skåne's transformation during industrialism. On Culture Night, they will be presenting their activities with, among other things, slide shows and a book table.


Svensk-Taiwanesiska Vänskapsföreningen

Svensk-Taiwanesiska Vänskapsföreningen [Swedish-Taiwanese Friendship Association] will provide information and answer questions about Taiwan and the association’s activities.


Sankt Laurentiigatan 18


Lunds Filatelistförening

Lunds Filatelistförening [Lund Stamp Collectors Association] presents a small exhibit of stamps, letters and postcards, including those related to Lund. At Dagcentralen, Bredgatan entrance opposite the Socialhögskolan carpark.


Stora Fiskaregatan 15E


Four watercolour artists from Lund

During Culture Night, there will be a collective exhibition of four watercolour artists with ties to Lund.


Bangatan 10


A full evening with Drag Academy

Medborgarskolan's Drag Academy welcomes you to a full evening of activities focusing on drag, dance and artistry. For more information, please visit the Facebook page “Medborgarskolan (Skåne)”.


Stora Södergatan 64


Try playing in a band on Culture Night (ages 13–19)

Playing in a band is fun! We invite you to come test it out! Conductors, instruments and song suggestions are available. Welcome to Studiefrämjandet's rehearsal room at Mejeriet!


Culture Night at Mejeriet

Culture Night is being celebrated all of Lund, and Mejeriet is no exception. Our fantastic club choir opens the show on the main stage, followed by a nightclub and American rapper Bishop Nehru on the bar stage!


Club choir LIVE



Free admission for the first hour, then SEK 100. Ages 18 and over.


Bishop Nehru (US) LIVE


Skolgatan 3, basement level

12:00–12:45, 16:00–16:45, 20:00–20:45

Paint ceramics without a brush

You don’t have to be good at painting to create something beautiful. Målamik will present the bubble technique and how to use screen printing stencils on ceramics. Suitable for all ages. Book to secure a place. Drop-in subject to availability.


Bredgatan 3


Romantic performance quiz and live podcast with Mammaklausulen at Månteatern. Love is the greatest thing we have, and we want to celebrate that by diving into the red-hued world of romance with questions and on-stage performances by actors from Månteatern. Later in the evening, the podcast Mammaklausulen will be live on stage with a special episode on romance. Romantic performance quiz 19:00–20:00 and Mammaklausulen 20:15–21:15.



Organised by Kultur- och fritidsförvaltningen in partnership with the study association ABF. Check kulturnatten.nu for the most current information.


Band from Spyken

At Spyken, you can take lessons on any instrument, ear training, music theory, choir and ensemble. Together with others, you will learn to play different styles of music.


Band from Lars Erik Larsson-gymnasiet

Lars-Erik Larsson-gymnasiet in Lund offers a science and social science programme with a strong music profile.


Band from Lerbäckskolan’s music profile programme

At Lerbäckskolan, pupils who are about to start year four or higher can apply to join the music profile programme. The aim is to provide pupils with a broad musical foundation for further amateur music-making and perhaps a stepping stone to higher studies in music.


Band from Music Camp

Music Camp takes place at the end of the spring semester with pupils from all over Lund Municipality. The children get to create bands for a week, choosing songs that they rehearse together for a final concert. “Space People” is one of the groups that emerged during this week and will play the songs they rehearsed together.


Concert with Band-X

Band-X plays covers in a tough style with a lot of nerve and passion. Come and see the band live at Mårtenstorget!


Concert with ABF’s LSS daily activities organisation “Mitt i Stan”

Amazing young people who are passionate about music and love to perform at events, big and small.


Sista Utvägen

Sista Utvägen is a band from Lund that has been playing together for a few years. They play a lot of soul and pop, so you’ll hear everything from Stevie Wonder to Håkan Hellström.


Red Planet

With many gigs under their belt, it’s now time for the pop rock band to play on their home turf. Culture Night has always been like a homecoming for the band, so don’t be surprised when they try out some catchy new tunes, jump into the crowd and leave them with a concert they’ll never forget.



The Malmö band Acorise play classic hard rock with heavy influences from the ‘80s. We promise you rock ’n’ roll that will make you want to dance!


Bror Duktig

The band Bror Duktig is from Lund and plays trallpunk. They released their first album “Hyckleri och Annan Skit” in July 2022, and now want to play for everyone close enough to listen.


Dance showcase

Dance showcase of different schools and dance crews led by Mikaela from New York Dance.

NOUN 1906

Stora Gråbrödersgatan 13


Art exhibition preview – Margaretha Margo Olsson

Do fashion and art go together? Yes, absolutely! Many fashion designers draw inspiration from art, and both can be methods of self-expression. Fashion and art are great passions for the shop NOUN 1906, who are delighted that Margareta Margo Olsson will be exhibiting her art at their premises on Culture Night. Art exhibition preview 17:00–19:00.


Paradisgatan 4


Try your hand at conducting a choir

Have you always wanted to try conducting a choir? Come to Odeum on Culture Night and try your conducting skills in front of Lunds akademiska kör.


Get into the music! How?

What does it really mean to be into the music as a listener? Is there a way to be outside the music. If so, what would this mean? Welcome to a moment of reflection on phenomenological approaches to music listening.



Violinist Per Sandberg (Akademiska kapellet) presents a programme of music by Moses Pergament, Johann Sebastian Bach and Hilding Rosenberg together with cellist Viktor Vålvik (Akademiska kapellet) and pianist Olle Sjöberg (Musikhögskolan i Malmö).


Stora Södergatan 25


“A Soulful Night” b-tolv with guests

Lund-based choral and gospel soul band b-tolv offers a swinging, warm and life-affirming concert with guest artists Teresa Kali and Kristina Talajic.


Biskopsgatan 3


Culture Night at the Pufendorf Institute

The Pufendorf Institute at Lund University invites you to thought-provoking cultural and popular science events: lectures, performances, concerts and exhibitions. See all events and times at https://www.pi.lu.se/kulturnatten


Can engineering save us?
About synthetic biology/living organisms as a solution to the climate issue. The lecture will be given in English by scientists from the interdisciplinary group, Synthetic Biology, working at the Pufendorf Institute 2022.


Exhibition: The World is Burning

The World is Burning photo exhibition features selected photographs and texts illustrating different aspects of forest fires in the past, present and future.


From physics to antiquity – on the history of Classicum up to the present day.

Take a guided tour of the building with student guides from Lund University and watch a short film about the Antikmuséet.


Performance: Stories from the family x 3

A three-act performance examines contemporary storytelling, myths and structures. Each act is about 25–30 minutes long, with 10-minute intermissions between them.


East and West – what is myth and what is reality. Why are the Balkans always relevant?

Lecture in Swedish by Sanimir Resic, Associate Professor, Eastern and Central European Studies, Lund University.


Liberalism and nationalism – can they be reconciled?

Lecture in Swedish by Björn Östbring, PhD in Political Science, Lund University.


Exhibition: Gig work in perspective

Welcome to an exhibition on perspectives on “gigs”, i.e. temporary jobs.


Our fat cells control us – to health and disease Can we decide for ourselves?

Lecture in Swedish by Karin Stenkula, Associate Professor at the Department of Experimental Medical Science, Lund University.


Why do the French have better heart health than Swedes – is it the cheese and wine?

Lecture in Swedish by Erlanson-Albertsson, Professor, Medical and Physiological Chemistry, Lund University.

19:00, 20:30, 22:00

Antifascism. Electronic music from worlds on fire

Many composers and sound artists in the 20th and 21st centuries have illuminated fascism, Nazism, colonialism and devastating wars in ways that go beyond the written and spoken word. The concert is about an hour long, starting three times during the evening. Free admission.




The Saluhallen shops are open until 19:00 and the restaurants with entrance from Botulfsplatsen until 22:00. We look forward to seeing you there!


Finngatan 2


Evening opening hours at Skissernas Museum

Skissernas Museum is open in the evening with free admission! We invite everyone to experience the art in our collection!


Finngatan 1


Restaurant SOL

Restaurant SOL will be open during Culture Night.


Curious about SOL?

Student counsellors will be on hand to answer questions about studying language, film studies, literature, Middle Eastern studies, translation, and many additional subjects!


What you can see in your voice

You record yourself and, with the help of knowledgeable phonetician, we check out what’s in your speech. You may discover things you didn’t realise you did while speaking.


Jeu de piste

A quiz walk on French culture, society and language.


War in Ukraine: contexts

The Russian-Ukrainian conflict has been ongoing for eight years, but only the full-scale invasion on 24 February 2022 brought it back into the media spotlight. The causes and consequences of this conflict, which has been “invisible” to the international community, will be presented by researcher Anna Isaieva.


Rituals of the accounts: culture, norms and language at shareholder meetings

Researchers from SOL (Henrik Rahm) and the School of Economics and Management (Alexander Paulsson, Niklas Sandell, Peter Svensson) will present an upcoming book on a research project (in Swedish).


Politics of memory in Ukraine after 24 February 2022

With the full-scale Russian war of aggression that began on 24 February this year, Ukrainians’ relationship with Russia and its people has, unsurprisingly, been significantly radicalised in a negative direction. Researcher Niklas Bernsand discusses these changes (in Swedish).


Gender-inclusive language in French: What is it? And does it really make a difference?

Does gender-inclusive language really play a role in how we imagine women and men? Researcher Julia Tibblin presents the results of the first study of her PhD project (in Swedish).


Ukrainian language and culture

Researcher Myroslava Romaniuk will give an introduction to the Ukrainian language (in English).


Winstrupsgatan 1


Open house

Spelskolan Lund is a social recreational organisation for children centred around board games. At Spelskolan, you can get help to get started and gaming friends to play with. Experienced leaders will be on hand.


Dalbyvägen 2


Spyken's aesthetics pupils on Culture Night

Story room at Spyken! Story walks in three different halls 11:00, 11:15, 11:30, 12:00, 12:15 and 12:30. Aesthetics pupils in year 2 create experience spaces through pictures, theatre and music.


Sankt Petri kyrkogata 6


Who am I?

An interactive performance that mixes inquisitive discussions and puzzling questions with music, play and movement. Ages 5–9.


Lund’s Finest Goes Unplugged

Singers and a band made up of participants from Lund’s Finest daily activities organisation perform parts of their repertoire in a more acoustic style!


Spontaneous choir turns the page

After the pandemic, this cheerful choir is back in full swing.


Concert with Lund Chamber Choir

Enjoy a wonderful concert with the Lund Chamber Choir with an exciting and mixed repertoire.


Trollebergsvägen 43


Music with friends

Come and listen to the children's choirs of S:t Peters klosters församling. The choirs will perform a varied programme of happy songs.


Stora Tomegatan 15



A sound walk featuring twelve different soundscapes recorded between Italy, Denmark, UK and Paraguay. Walk through the city centre while listening to the sounds collected by four international sound artists and dedicated to the city of Lund. Wear your own headphones. Funded by Torsten Tegstams stipendiefond.


The Greenhouse


Grass similarities in the Greenhouse

Hanging sculptures of artificial grass in the Greenhouse near Svanegatan, Stadsparken in Lund. We look forward to seeing you there!




Magical – Romances inspired by Elsa Beskow's stories and paintings

Through the choice of romances and piano pieces, readings and an exhibition of pictures from Elsa Beskow's stories, the audience will enjoy an experience in the engaging world of storytelling.


Children’s song journey

Bring the whole family and join us on an all-singing journey into the countryside, to the jungle, into the sea and through the imagination! In this children's song journey, we go out into the countryside in the bus with wheels that go round and round, visit Per Olsson’s farm with animals like an ordinary but unusually beautiful rabbit and white lambs that say baa baa.


Mor dansar

Rooted in both jazz and folk music traditions, the trio takes you on a musical journey where swing and creative colour shifts are the focus.


Meet My Culture: Teta Diana

Meet singer and musician Teta Diana from Rwanda! In her music, which is a fusion of folk, jazz and Afropop, Teta Diana blends her native Kinyarwanda with English and Swahili.


Wonderful is short – a tribute concert to the centenarian Povel Ramel

The Skåne band Swing Street Orchestra celebrates Povel’s 100th birthday with this tribute concert on Culture Night.


Release concert with Erik Odsell and band

Finally, Lundasone and singer-songwriter Erik Odsell’s latest, critically acclaimed, album Human will be released on vinyl and Erik and his band will celebrate with a concert at home.


Kastanjegatan 13


Exhibition with Therése Wahlgren and Emma Hultgren

Malmö artist Therése Wahlgren paints directly from the heart and is often very colourful. She mainly paints in acrylic, but also experiments with different materials.

Emma Hultgren paints/draws with acrylic, watercolour, pastel and coloured pencils, and the motifs are primarily fantasy/realism animals.



What does sustainability mean to you? ABC invite visitors to explore what sustainability means to them through the exploration of its local and international projects. Visitors will be asked to draw or write what sustainability means to them.


Organic pop-up cafés

Wondering where to enjoy a tasty coffee with your family and friends during Culture Night? Welcome to ABC’s organic pop-up cafés at Stenkrossen.


Skill Sharing with Circle Centre

At Circle Centre, we not only share goods but also ideas and skills! Do you have a skill you would like to teach others? Or do you want to learn a new skill? Then sign up for our Skill Sharing workshop! This time, we are focusing especially on mending and crafting. Visit circlecentrelund.org to sign up!


Try your hand at monotyping – open workshop

Monotyping is a simple graphic technique, where mono means one. At the workshop, you will get to try making prints using a simple technique without a printing press. All materials will be available for borrowing. We recommend that you wear clothing that you don't mind getting stained. However, the paints are water-based and usually disappear in the wash. Free workshop, drop-in.


Lunds Öppna Verkstad (LÖV)

LÖV showcases their amazing workshop and the possibilities it opens up. Among other things, they show how you can go from hand-sculpted clay figures, which are 3D scanned and then printed out in a 3D printer.


Improvisational theatre: The Brothers Lionheart

Lilla Teatern presents a re-enactment of the 1977 film The Brothers Lionheart from 1977 (in Swedish). The scenes are improvised from a loose script, and the audience is invited to participate with small roles, suggestions and directions. Free admission for all.


The clock – a performing arts piece that mistreats time

Alltet’s Niklas Hansson performs a monologue in Swedish, accompanied by a musician’s improvisation. The combination will give time a good beating, dissecting it to its smallest elements, to resurrect it in a state beyond time. In Svarta Lådan.



An improvisational composition inspired by two quarter lives together. Queer experiences on the periphery of a poetry of words and movement. Artists: QN/QFF. In Bygghallen.




The duo Maguey consists of sisters Alicia and Maja Davis from Billinge. Together, they play covers of various pop, folk and indie songs. With guitar accompaniment and tight vocals, they’ll be performing Ed Sheeran and First Aid Kit, among others.


Rasmus Paulsson

Rasmus Paulson is the Malmö musician who produces, writes songs and plays most of the instruments. The groove, the melodies and the feeling are what is in focus when Rasmus activates the loop pedal and creates soundscapes.


Embassy of Movements

Everyone can dance! How does Lund dance? Dance along as Embassy of Movements shows off cool moves at Stortorget. For example, have you ever danced the Electric Slide? Let’s dance together in the heart of Lund.


Portable keys, celestial harps and an amadinda

What do you do when a stage is small and you still want to make music with lots of people? A really fun show where our talented pupils do what they don’t usually do.


Jake Lindholm

Jake has country close to his heart, reflected not only in his love of country music but also in his attraction to Nashville, which he constantly returns to.


Concert organiser Femmuze is taking over Culture Night!

They invite you to a packed concert night with five unique artists and bands. Organiser Femmuze wants to contribute to gender equality in the music industry, with a focus on local music acts.


Pluto´s Baby

Pluto’s Baby is Linnéa Selander from Åland. She calls her own genre “club lullabies” which is also the name of her debut EP released in 2019. She will now be performing in a scaled-back style in which she explores a more ambient mood.


Stories from Gem

Stories from Gem is Malmö-based alternative singer-songwriter Jenny Johansson. Her dynamic soundscapes are driven by an atmospheric ambience with catchy melodies and an emotional voice.


Marina Gisela & Amber Band

Marina Gisela sings and writes songs that make you think of Tennessee rather than Vellinge in Skåne. Many country music fans already discovered her talent when she debuted with the group Cheatin’ Hearts.


Sabina Chantouria

Sabina Chantouria – born in Lund – is one of the new stars of Swedish music, with a sound as nuanced as her Georgian/Swedish roots. Together with her velvet voice and rhythmic guitar, she will take you on an emotional journey.


Coral the Color

Coral the Color is an indie pop band from Malmö, Sweden, writing tight and energetic music with a sound driven by guitars and elements inspired by both Britpop and Swedish 2010s pop.


Jojon Band

Jojon Band is a folk fusion/world music band based in Lund, currently focusing on a mysterious blend of Eastern music with Western flairs.


Bantorget 3

Open house with author’s evening at Historiska Media publishing house

18:00– 22:00

We invite you to come listen to an array of current authors and find books at unbeatable prices. Participating authors include Dick Harrison, Ingmar Karlsson and Anna Alemo.


Kiliansgatan 9

15:00–16:00, 16:00–17:00

Mouthfuls of Shakespeare

Pupils in year two of the Musical programme of Lunds dans- och musikalgymnasium present their own unique selections from some of the greatest classics in theatre history. Annakaroline Czernyson Conlon is the director.


Musical pearls in Teatercaféet

Pupils from year three of the Musical programme of Lunds dans- och musikalgymnasium present their favourite repertoire together with pianist Martin Berggren. The programme is played during the interval between performances at Stadsteatern.


Helgonavägen 2


Advertising posters through the ages

See our exhibition of advertising posters from the University Library’s collections. Here you can see advertisements for bedbug repellent, Hawaiian burgers, Soviet travel, pumpkin salad, old brick-style mobile phones and more.


Exhibition on the University Library’s history

From Liberiet via Kungshuset to Helgonabacken. See how the University Library has changed from 1666 to the present day.


Opening of the exhibition Solidarność – the Solidarity Movement

The exhibition will be opened by Poland’s ambassador Joanna Hofman and Lund University President Erik Renström. The Polish independent trade union Solidarność became a popular resistance movement against the communist regime. Professor Barbara Törnquist-Plewa will hold a lecture on a part of the Cold War history that is unknown to the public – the activities of the Swedish Support Committee for Solidarity and its offshoot (Independent Polish Agency) in Lund. Tomasz Lesniak, a member of the University Library, will present the exhibition.

17:45–18:00, 19:00–19:15

Viewing of the exhibition Frank Heller – Swindler, Cosmopolitan, Writer

Exhibition curator and artist Petter Lawenius presents the exhibition about one of Sweden’s most widely read adventure writers, Gunnar Serner, who under the pseudonym Frank Heller was Sweden’s most successful entertainment writer in the first half of the 20th century.


Roulette wheel

In connection with the exhibition on the swindler, cosmopolitan and author Frank Heller, we invite you to play roulette at the University Library.

18:00–18:30, 19:15–19:45

Frank Heller is alive!

Frank Heller was Sweden’s most successful adventure writer in the first half of the 20th century. Professor Dag Hedman, who has devoted his research life to Heller, talks about his dramatic life and writing.


Drawn swords, gunshots and coffins on the prowl – a glimpse into the academic crime chronicle

Archivists Fredrik Tersmeden and Henrik Ullstad from the Lund University Archives will talk about a number of serious as well as more curious criminal cases from the time when the university still had jurisdiction over its students.


Stand up med Lund comedy clUB

Night at the library: unique chance to laugh yourself silly! Come and laugh to stand-up comedians Lena Frisk and Camilla Jonasson. Library staff members and stand-up comedians Mats Andersson and Hanna Voog will also take the stage. At 16:30, we will be giving out 100 free stand-up tickets. First come, first served! One ticket per person.


John Ericssons väg 1


Culture Night at Vattenhallen Science Center!

Outside you will find plenty of activities for young and old. Inside Vattenhallen, there are experiments and exhibitions for all curious minds! During the day, researchers from Lund University will visit the building to talk and answer questions, including about our exhibitions on ESS & MAX IV, Artificial Intelligence, and Earth and climate through the ages. Free admission all day.


Culture Night at the Planetarium

Welcome to the Planetarium on Culture Night, where you can look at the universe and the telescopes astronomers use to study it. During Culture Night, the Planetarium will have a separate entrance to the Vattenhallen Science Center, where you can queue for the next tour. Tours start every 20 minutes, on the hour, and 20 and 40 minutes past the hour. Tours in Swedish 11:00–19:00 and tours in English 19:00–20:00.

12:00–12:45, 14:00–14:45, 16:00–16:45 and 18:00–18:45

Chemistry show

A spectacular chemistry show with four different themes: gases, colours, light, and fires and explosions. With music, light and sound, chemists from Lund University take you on a breathtaking journey into the wonderful world of chemistry! The chemistry show will be held in the auditorium of V-huset, LTH. Free tickets can be picked up at Vattenhallen Science Center 1 hour before the show starts.

13:00–13:45 and 15.00–15:45

Quantum show

A physics show that takes you on a journey through waves, music, energy, light, colour and laser light. The show demonstrates the micro- and nanoworld that the scientists at the MAX IV laboratory are working on daily! The quantum show will be held in the auditorium of V-huset, LTH. Free tickets can be picked up at Vattenhallen Science Center 1 hour before the show starts.

17:00–17:45 and 19:00–19:45

Hard rock and fossil - an odd but flavourful witch’s brew!

Join us for a wild, mind-bending journey where art and music meet science, and where extinct organisms are blown to life through amazing sculptures! The show will be held in the auditorium of V-huset, LTH. Free tickets can be picked up at Vattenhallen Science Center 1 hour before the show starts.


Lilla Fiskaregatan 4D


5th anniversary & live music!

Vintage Vinyl Records, Lund is celebrating 5 years with records, music, live gigs and a cool hangout spot in the courtyard! The shop opens at 11:00, and the concerts start at 12:00. The shop is loaded with great used records in all genres, and our colleagues from Fredrik HC Books will be filling the shelves with fantasy, sci-fi, horror and music books!


Stora Tomegatan 48


Learn more about Fair Trade

Klotet is Lund’s finest Fair Trade shop. Klotet sells handicrafts made by marginalised producers. In addition to handicrafts, there is a large assortment of Fair Trade chocolate.


Vävaregatan 13


Piano concert with Erik Juliusson

Erik Juliusson is a 30-year-old pianist with a Master’s degree from the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen. At today’s concert, Erik will perform pieces by Rachmaninoff, Shostakovich, Bach, Prokofiev and others.


Choir concert, Rejoice Gospel Choir

Under the direction of Christina Höst Gustafsson, the Rejoice choir offers a swinging and warm repertoire.


Stora Gråbrödersgatan 13


Culture Night at Willa Holma

Art and ceramics by Jutta Falkengren, Johanna Szemenkar Remgard and Sofia Tjernström. Books for children, young people and adults from Willa Holma and Lux publishers.


Vegagatan 25


No Style Is A Style. Photographics Unfinished

... certainly, not a coherent exhibition, but rather trials and errors with ideas, materials, mixed media and printing – such as works produced by a car, works with images of yourself, works that are new versions of oldies, and more ... while I wait to get my Silk Peace Art Road, SPAR, multi-media installation from the Venice Biennale shown in China ...



Paintings by Ann Schlyter

Watercolours and oil paintings, many with motifs from Lund, Brunnshög and coastal landscapes are on display in the studio/home.


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