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Interview about the EUGLOH-project

Europe Direct Lund interviewed Kristina Miolin, project leader for the EUGLOH-project at Lund university.

The European University Allinance for Global Health (EUGLOH) will build the European University for the future. The network that has been developed within the project has created a consortium of researchers and students that will develop interdisciplinary activities particulary in education and training related to Global Health. The inter-campus project will tackle a variety of challenges related to well-being and public health.

What are the goals for the EUGLOH-project?

– The goal for the five and now nine universities is to start collaborating in a integrated way. The European Commission is partly funding the EUGLOH-project, but we are also funding it with their own money.

The goal for us is to get universities in Europe to collaborate more and to get more integrated, so that it will become easier for students to move between universities.

Kvinna med glasögon står utomhus i en park.
Kristina Miolin, project leader for the EUGLOH-project at Lund university.

Another goal is to make sure that all students at the universities have a chance to have an international experience. The traditional way has always been to go on an exchange or traineeship for a semester, but not everyone can stay abroad that long. An alterative could then be a shorter stay or even an internationalization at home, with collaboration with students from other countries.

How was the program introduced?

– European universities are good but very fragmented and with different rules in different countries, there has always been a wish from the EUGLOH universities to collaborate more so they can pull the resources together.

How do you reach out to students?

– We try to have more Erasmus exchanges with the EUGLOH universities, we are trying to increase the numbers, but that is part of the regular exchange program. It is difficult to reach out to students at Lund University, sometimes there is an information overload.

A platform has been created, however, for courses and a page with international opportunities for students to get offers, everything from internship to a one-day course to an online seminar.

Text and interview: Laura Egger, Erasmus-intern at Europe Direct Lund

EUGLOH: European University Alliance for Global Health

  • Nine participating universities in Paris, Lund, Munich, Porto, Szeged, Madrid, Hamburg, Novi Sad and Tromsö.
  • Combines infrastructure in biomedicine, life sciences and social sciences.
  • Strives to increase mobility of students and education across Europe and empower future generations to find solutions to Global Health challenges.


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