How do you want to study SFI?

Komvux offers customized education to meet your needs.

Classroom Teaching
This study method includes scheduled lessons with a teacher. The cours may be held in the daytime or the evening.

Distance Learning
This is a course for students who have difficulty in coming reguarly to school. You studying using your computer and you get assignments from your teacher over the internet. You have the opportunity to meet the teacher every week individually or with other Sfi-students.

Kombistudier is a flexible study method based on individual needs for those who want to combine Sfi studies with, for example work, vocational training or other studies. You can choose to study 50% (about 8 hours per week), 75% (about 11 hours per week) or 100% (about 15 hours per week). You are not required to be at Komvux all hours but you are expected to attend at least 6 hours per week. Together we create a personal schedule that suits you and your needs. "Kombistudier" is for students studying study route 2, courses C and D, or study route 3 course D.

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