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Parent Teachers Association

Parent Teachers Association

This page is currently under construction with new routines so the information posted is not up-to-date and accurate. Will be updated soon!

The PTA is a group of parents working on a volunteer basis. Their focus is to build a strong and welcoming community at ISLK for the benefit of all students and their families, with a close and constructive relationship with the school.

Get in touch with the PTA

As ISLK parents you can get involved in the PTA, either by becoming a member of the organization or by helping out on certain events and activities on a case by case basis. With us, you will find many opportunities to meet, interact and socialize.

The Parent Teacher Association, PTA, is a group of parents working on a volunteer basis with the school's teachers and management to build a strong and welcoming community for the benefit of all students and their families.

We do this by:

  • Supporting new students and families and helping them integrate into the school community
  • Organizing social and educational needs
  • Providing communication channels between families and the school
  • Fund-raising for certain events

Class Representative

Each ISLK class should have Class Representatives to:

  • Be the contact person between teachers, parents, and PTA for activities and general issues
  • Provide useful information for new families concerning class routines
  • Address issues to PTA chairs via class rep coordinator when concerning the whole school
  • Collect parents questions for ISLK-PTA monthly meetings (to be sent to the class rep coordinator)

The Class Representatives are coordinated by the Class Representative Coordinators who:

  • Promote the role of class rep to parents
  • Ensure that each class will get 2 class reps (list to be published on the PTA website)
  • Act as contact person for class reps and coordinates/supports collective class reps actions when several classes are impacted
  • Collect questions from class reps for PTA-ISLK monthly meetings
  • Bring forward issues to PTA chairs when concerning the whole school
  • Share information from ISLK and PTA chair to class reps and vice versa

Class Rep Co-ordinator: Zsuzsanna Andrási.

PTA Meetings

ISLK Parent Meetings:

  • 2-3 times per semester, alternating between mornings and evenings.
  • All parents and ISLK Management/Administration are invited.
  • Opportunity for parents to raise questions, concerns and ideas as well as for the school to inform parents about current issues.
  • Class Representatives and PTA collect questions or issues from parents via email before the meeting.


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