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The International School of Lund celebrates Mobility Week

European Mobility Week is an initiative to facilitate and encourage sustainable travel and transport. The International school of Lund arranges various activities for the students. Linnégatan outside the school has been transformed into a car-free street and becomes a place for play and learning.

Elever vid internationella skolan i Lund

Mobility week celebration

Between 12 - 22 September, students at the International School of Lund (ISLK) participate in various activities and challenges on the closed street and the school parking lot. The students engage in street art, hockey, football and walking or sitting and reading. It is the third year in a row that ISLK has organized the Mobility Week.

– The Mobility Week is important because many people only travel by car. They can help nature by walking or biking instead. Maybe people will understand after the Mobility Week that they should walk or bike more often. Mobility Week is also important so that we can be more active, the students say.

Transportation and environment

In each class they talk about how to get to and from school, whether it is an environmentally friendly alternative of transport or not.

– We have been counting who walks, cycles, took public transport or roller skates to school during the week. Most people walked and biked this week. We have also carried out various assignments and have interviewed people about how they get to and from school. We have participated in an art project where we drew what we see on the way to school, the students say.

On Wednesday, September 21, the activities end and at 14:00 the school will organize a bicycle parade.


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