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Living in Lund

There's lots to do in and around Lund. Here are a few ideas!

View of trees in the mist at the City Park.

In the municipality's event calendar you will find everything from concerts, theater, children's activities, festivals, lectures, exhibitions, fairs, sporting events and more.

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Lund is a charming city that combines ancient with modern. It is said that you can spend your whole life here without finding all the quiet little corners and beautiful buildings. Enjoy the museums, buzzing market squares, shops, department stores, cafés and restaurants that are just a stone’s throw away.

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International Citizen Hub

The hub provide helpful information to international talents and their families, arrange relevant activities, and offer a warm environment in which to meet.

International Citizen Hub website

Interested in some after school activities? Here are some ideas:

Dance, music, theatre and circus


Other activities


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