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How it works at ISLK

When does the school year start? When is the school closed for Bank holidays? Is there an after school programme? And what's for lunch? You will find the answers for this and more, right here!

School year 2021-2022

School calendar



16th August 2021

Autumn term starts

11th to 12th October 2021

Study Day (School closed, ASP open)

1st to 5th November 2021

Autumn break (School closed, ASP open)

21st December 2021

Term ends

10th January 2022

Study Day (School and ASP closed)

11th January 2022

Spring term starts

21st to 25th February 2022

Sports break (School closed, ASP open)

7th March 2022

Study Day (School closed, ASP open)

11th to 14th April 2022

Easter break (School closed, ASP open)

15th to 18th April 2022

Easter break, red calendar days (School closed, ASP closed)

11th May 2022

Study Day

26th May 2022

Ascension Day (School closed, ASP closed)

27th May 2022

Bridge day in connection with Ascension Day - (School closed, ASP open)

6th June 2022

National Day (School closed, ASP closed)

10th June 2022

School year ends

School year 2022-2023

Autumn term 2022

Wednesday 17 August – Wednesday 21 December 2022.

Spring term 2023

Monday 9 January – Wednesday 14 June 2023.

Breaks school year 2022-2023

Autumn break: 31 October - 4 November 2022
Sports break: 20 - 24 February 2023
Easter break: 3 - 6 April 2023
Squeeze Day: 19 May 2023
Squeeze Day: 5 June 2023


Please refer to a Swedish calendar for any national holidays when school is also closed. These are marked in red.

Swedish calendar

School life

When does the school start in the morning? Where do we park the car?

All about school life here

Parent Teachers Association

Join the PTA!


Managebac is our official online learning and communication tool for teachers, students and parents. It includes curriculum, student progress and internal communications.

Log in to Managebac

You can log on to Managebac using the email(s) you have given to the school as your contact emails. Usually, a message will be sent by the system helping you to log on for the first time.

Once you have logged on you can then check and edit your details and take a look at any reports which have been published for your child.

Change of contact information

Any address/e-mail/telephone changes during the term should be changed on your parent account in OpenApply. You must also send an email to islk@lund.se


Remember, in Sweden, it is the municipality where you live that pay for your child’s school fee. If you chose to live in a different municipality than Lund, they may not agree to pay the full fee for international schooling. Hence, you need to check before you chose your housing if they agree or not or you may lose the place for your child at ISLK.

Skola 24 - Attendance Registration System

We are using a system called Skola24 which is web-based.

Log in to Skola24
As part of our safeguarding procedure, we require that all notifications are made no later than 8.00 a.m. on the day that your child is sick or absent. You can only report whole day absences. In the case of planned visits to the doctor, dentist or similar shorter absences, you must provide your child with a note for the teacher/mentor.

Call in to report sick or absent child.
Phone: 0515-86928

The instructions are in English and you will need to use your child's Swedish personal number in order to be able to report the absence.

Report to the Administration

If you do not yet have a Swedish personal number, we ask that you email us or call the school office.
Email: islk@lund.se
Phone: 046-359 45 42.

As part of our safeguarding procedure, we require that all notifications are made no later than 8.30 a.m. on the day that your child is sick or absent.

New families, please make sure that the school office gets the children's personal numbers as quickly as possible.

Student Planned Absences

Parents are requested not to remove their child from school unnecessarily. Lengthy absences will affect academic progress and grades. It is the responsibility of the student and/or parent to ensure that missed work is completed. Special work will not be provided by teachers.

A "Leave of Absence" must be filled out even for single day absences. The completed form is to be submitted to the class teacher/mentor one week in advance. Two days off may be granted by the class teacher/mentor. Absences of more than two days must be approved by the Principal who should receive the notice at least one week in advance.

Application for planned leave of absence during term

All our students are served one warm meal a day in the canteen. The lunch menu is updated weekly (in Swedish).

Lunch menu for ISLK

Students from PYP3-MYP5 can apply for mother tongue classes. The forms can be found in the school reception. The classes take place once a week for forty minutes and is paid for by ISLK.

About the Mother Tongue Center

The mother tongue center offers mother tongue support and mother tongue education to children and adolescents from families where at least one of the parents has a mother tongue other than Swedish and this language is used in the home.

For these students, the mother tongue is a foundation for learning and is an important link between their lives and the school. In addition, it is a tool that can be used in knowledge acquisition. The mother tongue is also of great importance to the identity and self-esteem of these students.

You can only take one language as mother tongue, so if you speak two languages at home (not including English), you will have to choose between the two.


The minimum requirement for a group to start is five students. In some cases, the students will be grouped with other students from another school and the lesson may take place at the other school. In cases of illness, it is the parent's responsibility to inform the mother tongue teacher that the student will not attend school.

When to apply

If your child wants to participate in Mother tongue classes you as a guardian must report this to the admin office.
Email: islk@lund.se

Deadline for applications before the autumn term is to be submitted before May 1st, and to apply for the spring term you have to submit the documentation before December 1st. You can find the application form in the Reception or here on the website. Do not forget to submit the documents in good time.

The After School Programme (ASP) is an ongoing part of the school day for children whose parents work or study full-time and require care outside of the regular school hours. The ASP is a fee-based service and is open from 7:00 until 17:25.


Both parents must be working or studying during the hours the child stays in the After School Programme.

You need to fill out and hand into the school office:

  • Application form (this document includes an attendance timetable)
  • Declaration of income form (the fee is paid by the family according to their household income)
  • Both of your work/study schedules updated

When can your child start?

Your child can start the After School Programme after you get a date from the school office. It takes at least two weeks after we have received all of the above forms.

Once your child is in the ASP, any questions relating to attendance, who shall pick up your child etc, should be directed to the ASP staff.
Email: islkafterschool@lund.se.


Fees are based on the total gross taxable family income, regardless of where the income is generated – Sweden or abroad. If the monthly income is SEK 50 340 (new since 2021/01/01) or more you pay the maximum fee. Please write MAX on the income form if this is the case.

Fees for children in the After School Programme are paid 12 months of the year.


You must hand in a notification of leaving two calendar months before the last attendance date. You will be charged a fee for the month in which the notice was handed in plus one more month.

Contact Details

Email: islkafterschool@lund.se
ASP Phone 1, P1-2: 070-943 27 39 / 046-359 66 75

ASP Phone 2, P3-4: 070 943 29 20 / 046-359 42 23

ASP Phone 3, P5-6, MYP: 073-059 44 95 / 046-359 81 90

Google site for the ISLK After School Programme

If you are applying for EYP or ASP you will need to submit the form Income of Statement since these programmes are fee-based and the fee is paid by the family according to the family income.

You have to apply to ASP two weeks in advance since it is a two weeks notification period for any changes in the schedule.

Do not forget to notify the school office if you have changed address, phone number or similar.

Application for mother tongue tuition at primary school ISLK

After School Programme Enrollment form ISLK

Application for planned leave of absence during term ISLK

BVC Permit Records ISLK

Health declaration form ISLK

Leaving the school form ISLK

Mother tongue Leaving form ISLK

Income of Statement for EYP and ASP 2021 ISLK

Termination of place in municipal preschool activities and school childcare ISLK


To find ISLK's Whole school policies, including curriculum-based information for the EYP, PYP and ASP, please follow the link below.

ISLK Google Sites



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