Länk till startsidan

Start of upper secondary school

A warm welcome to all new students and guardians at our municipal upper secondary schools. Here you will find everything you need for the start of school.

Get prepared for the start of school

Starting upper secondary school is an exciting time with many new impressions and thoughts.

We want to give you a good start in upper secondary school, which is why we are asking you to fill in some forms and e-services before the first day of school. Students submit their information and consent through the student link below. Guardians must provide their contact details through the guardian link below.

  • Use e-services where possible (requires bank-id)*.
  • If you don't have a BankID, you can print out a paper copy of the e-service content instead.
  • If you do not have access to a printer, you can visit a library or Lund municipality community center (Medborgarcenter) for printing.

How to find the Community center

All forms can be filled in and saved digitally before printing.

NOTE! You should bring any forms with you to the first day of school where your mentor will let you know what to do with them.

*You need a bank-id to use the e-services. Students must have the type of bank-id that can be accepted by external authorities (such as 1177). Read more about this on your bank's website or contact your bank. Persons with protected personal information cannot use e-services. In this case you need to apply directly to the receiving school that has a starting date no earlier than 9 August, 2022.

E-service – School start

For municipal upper secondary schools in Lund municipality

This e-service is made up of four different parts.

As a student, you first log in using the link below. If you don't have a bank-id, your guardian can log in instead of you.

Once you, the student, have gone through the e-service process, it will be your guardian's turn to log in.

  1. Contact details.
  2. Consent for photo and film processing in Lund's municipal upper secondary schools.
  3. Terms of use – digital learning tools.
  4. Borrowing of digital device.

At the bottom of the page, you can read more about photography, filming and recording audio in the school. Consent is voluntary.

As a student, you must have a digital tool (such as a computer or a Chromebook) to take part of the lessons. You can use your own digital tool or borrow one from the school. In order for the school to borrow you a digital tool, you must agree to the contract in the e-service below before you start school. Students who decide not to borrow tools at the start of school will have the option to change this decision later.

Contact details for relatives/next of kin

Contact information – relative

Consent for photo and film processing in Lund’s municipal upper secondary schools

Consent for use of photos and videos

Withdrawal of consent for the school to use photos and or videos where the student appears

Terms of use for digital learning tools

Tems of use for digital learning tools

Borrowing of digital device

Loan agreement for digital device

In order to request the student's school health record from the previous school, please fill in the form below. (This only applies to students outside Lund municipality.) The record contains information on vaccinations, vision and hearing tests and any actions taken by the school health service. The information is confidential, which means that no one else but the school nurse and the school doctor has access to the record.

Each school has a specific form that you can choose below:

Journal requisition Spyken

Journal requisition Vipan

Journal requisition Hedda Anderssongymnasiet

Journal requisition Katedralskolan

Journal requisition Polhemskolan

Special diet

Children and students who cannot eat the regularly served food for medical or special reasons can opt for a special diet.

Information about special diet requirements (in Swedish)

From - Certificate of food allergy

Travel grant application

Students beginning their first year of upper secondary school can apply for a travel grant from 1 August.

Information about travel grants (in Swedish)

Travel grant for alternating custody

If you live alternately with both your parents, you can apply for a travel grant for alternating custody if you have at least 6 km walking distance to school from one of your parents and you live about an equal amount of time in both homes. Both your guardians must live in Lund municipality. The application must be made by a student over the age of 18 or their guardian if the student is under the age of 18.

Application for a travel grant in the case of alternating custody  (in Swedish)

School start information for each school

To get more information from your new school about times for the roll call, school books and other useful information before starting school, please visit the school page. (in Swedish)

Safety regulations for sports

The forms fill in by students and guardian.

The PE & Health curriculum requires all students to show consideration for their own safety and the safety of others during course activities. The safety regulations are for the safety and well-being of you and your peers.

Safety protocol - Physical Education & Health

Health declaration for apprentices and students

Healthcare work and food handling require a health declaration. Apprentices and students need to fill in a health declaration in connection with workplace learning (APL, arbetsplatsförlagt lärande) in the Child and Recreation Programme, the Health and Social Care Programme and the Restaurant and Food Programme. The aim is to identify infectious diseases and protect both students and the environment.

Select the form (in Swedish) below and submit it to the school nurse.

Health declaration on infectious diseases prior to internships in child and recreation, health and social care programmes

Health declaration on infectious diseases prior to internships in the food industry

Your personal information will be processed in accordance with the municipality's rules for personal information management and the Patient Data Act.

How Lund municipality processes your personal information  (in Swedish)

Photographing, filming and recording audio of your child in the school (in Swedish)


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