About the school

Welcome to VIPAN!

VipanYou are one of the youths we have the pleasure of having at our school. In the future, we want you to reflect back on your upper secondary school period with us as a time in your life when you gained a lot of knowledge and also developed as a person. Your prospects for the future and desire to discover motivate our work, with your best interest at heart.  

We want you to be successful in your studies and to help you with that, the school has approximately 230 people prepared in different ways to support you in your school work. We know that trusting one’s abilities is important for different choices in life.

We want to prepare you for both working life and higher education. You can through your choices gain higher education qualifications, even with a vocational education. You will receive your education in spacious, light and modern facilities, with similar equipment available in professional work spaces.

You are trained in other words with professional equipment at a level and with a breadth unavailable at any other upper secondary school in Lund. Each specific student’s personal development is therefore very important to us.

Vipan is a school in constant change- dynamic in every way and with a lot of contacts with the wider world, which is an obvious criteria for a modern vocational school.

We value knowledge, the individual and the world around us

Working teams have engaged in pedagogical discussions about the meaning of our values, from their own perspectives, programmes and subjects. The result of their discussions have shaped the managing body’s task in drawing up objectives for the school.