Public transport

Lund is an attractive city to live and work in. We grow with ca. 1000 inhabitants every year; ca. 40 000 people commute back and forth to Lund every day.

Lund Central station is the third biggest station in Sweden and public transport is an integral part of the city. Regional, national and international trains, as well as regional busses, connect Lund with the world. Local traffic is operated by busses.  

Most of the trains and busses are operated by Skånetrafiken. Some of them are also run by SJ, Snälltåget and Swebus. For time tables and fares check the links at the bottom of this page.

In a few years, Lund is planning to open the first tramway line, Tramway Lund C-ESS, connecting the central station and the research plants, MAX IV and ESS, in the Norh East. There's a short animation about the area we call The Science Road, where the trams are going to run.


Streets and traffic

Technical Services Department

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