Bicycle paths and maps

The main cycle paths in Lund are marked in different colours, both on the map as well as on street signs in the city itself. These signs can be found all along the cycle paths in Lund.

The Lund Cycle Map shows you the best cycle paths through Lund, Dalby, Södra Sandby, Veberöd, Genarp, Torna Hällestad, and Revingeby, as well as to neighbouring municipalities such as Staffanstorp, Burlöv, Lomma, Kävlinge, and Eslöv.

You can pick up a cycle map at the Tourist Office or at the Department for Technical Services, which is located on Byggmästaregatan 4 in Lund.

In order to make cycling on your free time a lot more interesting and convenient has the Departmentfor Technical Servicesprepared different biking routes.

These consist of a map for the particular biking route and suggestions for different sights and destinations along the way.

There are eight different routes to choose from. The shortest one is less than ten kilometres lond, the longest more than 30 kilometres.You can just choose from the collection below.

Try one, or why not all of them!