Honor-related issues and honor-related violence

Honor-related violence and oppression are rooted in cultural notions of gender, power, and sexuality. It affects both adults and children, however, is expressed in different ways. Honor-related violence and oppression cannot be traced to a specific religion, region, or culture.

In case of concern or suspicion of honor-related violence

  • If you are concerned that you are placed in a vulnerable position by your family, relatives, or others you can contact the Social Services or student health care services.
  • If you want support and advice on honor issues and honor-related violence.
    Contact the Receiving unit (Mottagningsenheten) at Lund municipality, see contact information below.

If you suspect honor-related violence and want to report a concern:

Reporting a suspicion that a child is being harmed

Facts about honor-related violence

  • The control of girls and women is central. Above all, the control of girls and women’s sexuality is central and a collective concern. It can be enough with just a rumor for everyone to become affected. The girls are controlled while the boys are given the responsibility to exercise the control. It is important to consider both sexes as victims in a family with prevailing honor norms. Especially vulnerable groups are LGBTQ people and people with disabilities.
  • The violence can take physical, mental, social, material, sexual, and latent forms. The victim often lives with two norm systems and feel they do not have access to the rights of the dominant society. Ultimately, the restrictions faced concern life choices such as, education, marriage, and divorce. The violence is often planned and sanctioned by several members of the family.
  • Honor-related violence and oppression constitute a serious encroachment on personal integrity. The victim often feels alone and is afraid both to stay in their family, and to break loose.

More about honor-related issues at hedersfortryck.se

Additional information

Marina Gensmann, Coordinator honor-related violence and oppression, marina.gensmann@lund.se.