Crisis Centre Central Skåne (Kriscentrum)

Guidance and counselling when in crisis.

The Crisis Centre is for:

  • Adults who have been subjected to violence by someone close to them
  • Adults who are being violent towards someone close to them
  • Children and young people who have witnessed and experienced violence in the family
  • Adults who are in or have been in a destructive relationship.

We offer:

  • advice
  • crisis therapy
  • counselling/treatment individually or as a group

All treatment is free.

You can remain anonymous and do not have to register.

For contact, see below.

A partnership

A partnership with the municipalities in

  • Eslöv
  • Hörby
  • Höör
  • Kävlinge
  • Lomma
  • Lund
  • Staffanstorp

and the Church of Sweden.