Support for residents - Housing First

Housing First (Bostad Först) and rent guarantee is the municipality's support for safer housing.

Rent guarantee

The Social Administration can grant a rent guarantee for persons where the landlord requires a guarantor, and where the person is not able to arrange this through their own private network. This only applies to people who are in great need of housing or who are at risk of losing their tenancy and cannot secure housing in any other way.

Municipal rent guarantee

The Social Administration can decide on a municipal rent guarantee, which covers a maximum of six monthly rents for a period of up to two years. This applies to people who, through a municipal rent guarantee, receive their own first-hand contract and are deemed to have the financial means to meet the rent.

Municipal rent guarantee means that the municipality guarantees a tenant who has the financial capabilities to have their own home, however, who still has difficulties obtaining a rental with right of tenancy. For example, this can apply if you have a payment injunction and therefore find it difficult to secure a first-hand contract or if the landlord considers that your income is below the required amount, however, the municipality considers your income to be sufficient.

Housing First

Housing First is based on the notion that people need secure housing to be able to deal with other possible issues. Through us, you get the opportunity to rent an apartment in Lund municipality. Simultaneously, there is a team to give you the help you want and need. Contact the Recieving unit (see below) for more information.

Housing First is aimed for you who

  • Have been homeless for a long time. You have substance abuse problems with or without mental health illness.
  • Have lived in many different types of accommodation, but it has not worked out well for you.

This is what we offer you

  • Your own apartment, which you rent second hand.
  • Support from us in the Housing First team. This can be support around finance, employment, education, contact with healthcare or other types of support in everyday life. You decide for yourself the help you want. The support is designed according to your wishes and needs.
  • Home visits at least once a week. In addition to the home visits, it is also possible to meet in other places if you want.

This is what we expect from you

  • You want to live in your own apartment.
  • You are motivated to make a change in your life.
  • You are motivated to take care of your apartment, pay the rent on time, and not disrupt the neighbors.
  • You receive us in your home at least once a week.
  • You have a positive attitude towards receiving support from us in the Housing First team.

More information about Housing First

Housing First is an evidence-based method recommended by the National Board of Health and Welfare to prevent homelessness. The target group is people who live in homelessness, have psychosocial issues, and who need some form of support. The basic principle in the Housing First model is that having your own home is a human right and that housing must be separated from certain requirements, such as, drug abstinence. Obtaining a home is not seen as an end goal but as a prerequisite for achieving positive changes in the care recipients’ lives.

The model was introduced in Lund in September 2016. So far, the initiative has been able to offer a number of apartments to care recipients via Lund's municipal real estate company (LKF).

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