Social priority for housing

If you have severe medical needs, social needs or you are under serious threat you can apply for social priority for housing in Lund municipality. The Social Services Department is not in possession of any housing, however the priority we can grant applies to LKF's housing, which has a waiting list of at least one and a half years.

Application form

Application form for social priority

Apply for priority

If you have severe medical needs, social needs or you are under serious threat you can apply for social priority for housing in Lund municipality.
To be granted social priority, you must have been registered in the municipality for at least two years. You must also be registered in the municipal housing association LKF's housing queue, as your own time in the queue is always used in the first place to obtain housing.

This type of need can entitle you to social priority:

  • Your children may be at risk or are already at risk.
  • You or someone in your family has strong medical reasons, that is, the illness or condition would be significantly improved with new accommodation.
  • You or someone in your family has been exposed to threats or violence by a partner or other person/group.
  • You are below 28 years of age, in need of the Social Services Department’s programs, and can manage to live on your own. Once you have been inspected by the Social Services Department a certificate is required to prove this.
  • Other strong reasons.

All needs must be supported with a certificate from, for example, a doctor, psychologist, landlord or social worker. The decision is then made according to our guidelines that have been politically determined.


For further information on applying for social priority for housing and for application forms, see contact information below.

Things to consider before applying

The application must be thoroughly completed in order to be processed. If you need help filling out the application, you are welcome to book an appointment.
You must notify us if your personal information or address changes during the application process. If necessary, we will invite you to visit us to discuss your application further.

If your application is approved

If your application is approved, you end up in a priority queue with a minimum waiting time of a year and a half. We follow up your situation every six months - to remain in the priority queue, your situation must be unchanged.
You will only be offered one housing solution, if you say no to this, you will not receive any other offers.

You cannot be guaranteed an apartment in a desired area or desired location. Before you sign a contract, the landlord must approve you and the Social Services Department are not at liberty to influence this decision.

At the Social Services Department we look for the information we need from the landlord, the population register, and within the Social Services Department to be able to process your application. Your name and personal identity number may be provided to the intended landlord. You approve this by submitting your application to us.