Housing and homelessness

In order for the Social Services to step in and help you, it is required that it is impossible for you to solve your situation yourself. This can be due to addiction, mental illness, or other social issues. When you come in contact with us, we work actively to help you find a more permanent solution.

On-call apartments for victims of violence

The Social Services currently have three furnished on-call apartments in Lund that are for people (with or without children) who are exposed or at risk of being exposed to threats or violence. The apartments are not to be considered as sheltered accommodation even if the addresses are not disclosed.

Supported apartments

When you live in a supported apartment, you sign a second-hand contract with Lund's Social Services Department. Our supported apartments can be offered to people who are excluded from the ordinary housing market due to social and/or mental problems and who are in need of support. When living in a supported apartment, contact with a social worker or other form of support contact that has been agreed is also included.

Emergency accommodation Piletorp

Piletorp is run by Förenade Care on behalf of Lund municipality and is an emergency home for men and women aged 18 and up, with psychosocial problems, substance abuse and/or mental illness.

At Piletorp there is an opportunity for individual support and assistance in contact with healthcare services, the authorities, and practical social pedagogical support. The initiative offers 22 places for men and four for women.

Visiting address: Snickarevägen 6
Contact: Verksamhetschef Lollo Dyson
Phone: 046- 274 24 00

Apply for housing assistance

Contact the Social Administration's Receiving unit for information on how to apply for a place in one of our homes for the homeless. Contact information below.

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