The Social Services on-call unit 046-12 12 99

The Social Services on-call unit handles emergency social issues when the rest of Social Services are closed.


Phone: 046-12 12 99
Phone hours: Fridays between 15-01, Saturdays 17-01, Sundays 17-22

Alternate opening hours may occur during bank holidays. 

You can find the alternate opening hours here

Other times call 112 and request the Social Services.

The Social Services on-call unit’s tasks are

  • Advice, referral, and information as well as supportive and investigative talks.
  • Management of emergency aid according to the Social Services Act.
  • Emergency measures according to the care laws LVU (the law for care of young people) and LVM (the law for care of addicts).

In emergency situations, we cooperate mainly with the police, healthcare emergency units, and with Women's on-call unit (Kvinnojouren). For more long-term support, we help you get in touch with the other parts of Social Services the following weekday.

A collaboration between municipalities

The Social Services on-call unit in Lund is on-call for the municipalities of Lund, Eslöv, Kävlinge, Lomma and Höör.