Spyken upper secondary school is located right at the heart of Lund city centre. Spyken has traditions from the 1800s, but is at the same time a modern school. With our programmes, we aim to provide knowledge and competence that equip our students well for the future, either in higher education or the professional life.

The school has approximately 1100 students, but regardless of the size of the student body, the students at Spyken experience a close-knit community and secure atmosphere. In the communal inner courtyard, we all meet and socialize. Everyone can be who they are at our school. The school time at Spyken should be characterized by positive experiences.

Our four national programmes

There are four programmes at Spyken: The Social Science Programme, The Natural Science Programme, The Humanities Programme, and The Arts Programme.

We also have specialized education in music with orientation in pop, rock, and jazz as well as “Natural Science- Music” and “Natural Science- Art and design” as part of the Natural Science Programme. What unites all the programmes, is the access you will get to top teachers, pleasant classmates and an inspiring study atmosphere.

To guarantee a top-level teaching, the school has good connections with both the business world and Lund University, and also a rich partnership with schools abroad.

At Spyken, we offer a rich selection of courses for individual choices, as all our four programmes contribute with courses. The selection of courses are constantly changing, based on demands from students.

There are also good possibilities to develop one’s language knowledge. We offer courses in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Sign Language and Danish. At Spyken there are good opportunities for you to get an education with the profile you strive after.

Spyken is particular about making sure that students and staff feel included in everything happening at the school. As a student, you should be able to be influence your education and working environment. There is therefore a clear structure for student influence at the school.

Our aim is that we create together the conditions that will give you knowledge, competence and positive experiences for the future!

Welcome to Spyken!
Petra Karlsson
Headmaster of Spyken