About Polhemskolan

Polhemskolan is unique- with an unusual broad selection of courses and profiles, with a diversity of people, interests and dreams. At our school, you are part of a broader context and are given all the opportunities to achieve your goals for the future.

At Polhem you can be who you are and aim for what you want. Though it is one of the country’s biggest upper secondary school, you are never just one among many.

The school is constructed to have each individual student’s best in sight. Here, you have access to teachers who have chosen to work to work at a modern and global-orientated school, ready to inspire and support you to reach your goals.

Not many schools in Sweden have national specialized programmes. Polhem has two. The Mathematics and Physics Programmes. This says something about both the school and our well-educated teaching staff.

At Polhem, we always have something going on. Life and movement, discussions, sports competitions and fashion shows. Polhem is also one of the country’s largest meeting place for young people. You don’t only meet new exciting people here, but also the world, if only in a smaller format.