Welcome to the library!

The library is a resource for the school’s students and staff and much of it can be accessed from home.

Skolbiblioteket Polhemskolan

We are located on the second floor in Building 8, right at the centre of the school. The digital part of the library can be accessed on your school computer anywhere on school campus. Most of the resources can be accessed from home using your personal login details. At the end of this page, you will find a guide to access resources from home and a link to the library’s Google suite with resources connected to different school tasks.

In the library, you can read daily newspapers and journals, print, scan and copy, study, receive book recommendations and of course, borrow materials. Everyone at school automatically receives an account that provides access to the library’s resources.

If you have difficulties with reading and need talking books (audio books), the library will provide you with a login to Legimus, Swedish Agency for Accessible Media. With an account at Legimus, you can download books to your phone or computer.

The media library with teaching aids can be found one floor up. There are working spaces and computers with programmes for design and image processing, as well as a printer for print-out from student laptops.

The library is a pedagogical resource for students and staff at the school. The purpose of the library is to contribute to students’ goal achievements. There is an Action Plan for the library operations to ensure that every student has the same accesses to the school’s resources. The library collaborates with the teachers to support the students with information management and source criticism.

Contact Information:

Phone 046-359 73 44

Agnes Kauranen, Librarian

Maria Lindberg, Librarian

Lotta Davidson-Bask, Librarian

Miranda Andersson, Library assistant
Phone 046-359 43 09

Maria Lavman Vetö, Teaching aid support, Media library
Phone 070-943 28 16