For legal guardians

Mother tongue tuition is a subject that can be taken in year 1-9 and in upper secondary school. Mother tongue tuition is not at a beginner's level, rather the student is expected to have basic knowledge of the language and the language should be used at home daily. Mother tongue tuition is organized when there is an available qualified teacher in the subject.

Who can take mother tongue as a subject?

The student must have at least one legal guardian with another language than Swedish as a mother tongue to apply for tuition in the language. To study the language, the following criteria must be met:

  • The student has basic knowledge of the language.
  • The student uses the language at home daily.
  • There is an available teacher with appropriate qualifications.

At least five students must apply for tuition in that language within the municipality (this does not apply to minority languages, where it is sufficient that one student requests to study the language).

Adopted children also have the right to mother tongue tuition, but to participate they need to have basic knowledge of the language.

Basic knowledge

With basic knowledge, we mean that:

  • The student must be able to actively follow the classes.
  • The student must show that they understand simple oral instructions.
  • The student must be able to participate in communication on topics related to everyday- and student-related issues.

Can you take mother tongue tuition in upper secondary school?

In upper secondary school, mother tongue is studied in the form of courses. To study it, the student must actively apply for these courses. There are three courses to choose from. To study the first course, Mother Tongue 1, the student must have a grade in the subject mother tongue from year 9 or equivalent knowledge (this is assessed by the teachers).

How is the schedule for mother tongue tuition planned?

The teachers instructing in the mother tongue subjects receive information from the schools about the current schedules of the students that will partake in mother tongue classes during the term, a week before school starts. The schedule for classes are planned in regards to this. Classes often take place after regular school hours. The headmaster decides over the student groups and the class hours. The schools supply classrooms for the classes.

Can my child take mother tongue tuition at their own school?

Many schools choose to coordinate to provide mother tongue tuition in Lund municipality. This means that your child might have to go to another school to have mother tongue tuition. The headmaster decides over the student groups and class hours. The schools supply classrooms for the classes.

When do classes start?

Mother tongue tuition starts a week after school start.

Do you take attendance?

The subject mother tongue is optional, but it becomes a school subject just like the other subjects when a student chooses it. This means that it becomes a compulsory subject where attendance is registered.



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