Hedda Anderssongymnasiet offers three programmes.

  • Economics Programme with the orientation economics and law
  • Technology Programme with the orientations technological science and information-and media technology.
  • Social Sciences Programme with the orientations behavioural science and social sciences.

During your first school weeks, you undertake a project leader course together with your class mates. You will all receive similar competence that will help you work effectively as a team and learn how to use your differences to achieve the greatest success.

The collaboration between the school’s programmes make it possible to solve complex tasks as a team. Your specialized knowledge areas and individual skills become a natural part of the collaboration, just as in working life. All the students will be given the opportunity to work with Ung Företagsamhet (Junior Achievement Sweden).


Innovation is Hedda’s profile. But what do we mean by that? Innovation is a term from Latin innovare, meaning to renew, come up with something completely new or start using something in a new way. Innovation means to have the courage to think outside the box and through play and creativity create something new. This way, we push society forward as true predecessors.


At Hedda we want to teach our students to become entrepreneurs. To develop skills and abilities that challenge them to see solutions and realize their ideas. Today’s society is driven by engaged and dedicated people and we wish you will share and show a similar dedication, with an education from Hedda. The importance of entrepreneurship within school is even stressed by the Swedish National Agency for Education. For students in upper secondary school, this means that the school must encourage students to develop a drive, originality and an ability to deal with change.


To be creative has for long been reduced to the exercise of something cultural such as music, dance or theatre. But creativity is more than the ability to play the guitar. Creativity is described as having the ability to see new solutions to challenges and the joy to create.

Creativity doesn’t need to be constant, but can come and go. Creativity is therefore better understood as a process. This explains why at times doing a school task might come easily one day, but the next day you can struggle to put words on the paper.

Did you know that Heddagymnasiet’s Social Sciences programme starts the next academic year? Read about Lund’s five public upper secondary schools in the programme catalogue.

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