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As a student at Hedda Anderssongymnasiet, you are not one among many. Here, you will be able to exert influence. Together with other students at the school, you will engage with the challenges in the world around us.

Heddagymnasiet is Lund’s newest public upper secondary school. A school without traditions in the way and with a forward vision. At Hedda, we take the first steps together towards creating a better future, for you and others. With a strong connection with both society and the business world, we work towards solving the big challenges of today and tomorrow.

You study Technology- Social science- or Economics programme, but we often collaborate in order to use different perspectives to solve challenges in projects. Everyone receives the same project management education, access to the state of the art Makerspace, and exciting external collaborators. By developing your creativity, engagement, decisiveness, you create your own way forward. You will be prepared for higher education, with the ability to collaborate and manage challenges at the workplace and society at large.

Welcome to Hedda.

Malin Dahlgren, Headmaster
Phone: 046-359 61 31 

Lund is an attractive school municipality, with a lot of applicants to our programmes. We started Hedda Anderssongymnasiet earlier than planned to respond to our own and other municipalities’ demand for qualitative education. 

The municipal executive committee decided on 24 May 2016 to erect Hedda Anderssongymnasiet in the same plot as Svaneskolan. The school will be built to accommodate around 2000 students. The building of the new school haven’t started yet, rather it will be built in different stages. The whole school is expected to be done by year 2023. In wait for the first stage of the new building to be finished, Hedda Anderssongymnasiet will be located in the premises of Svaneskolan.