One of the most common daily chores is to take out the garbage. Every day we produce waste, more or less. And the way we act is a choice that can affect the future. Recycling has become a very important environmental issue. An active action affects how our tomorrow will be with a sustainable society.

Lund's recycling system

To make it easier for small households we have developed a system to aid the recycling in the convenience of their own home. The system uses two bins that are divided in 4 compartments, where every compartment has a designated waste material. This allows for collection of eight different fractions. Emptying is done with 4-compartment vehicles that empty all four fractions in the bin in one single cycle. The vehicle has divider walls, thus making mixing of fractions virtually impossible.

Less pollution

Our solution saves on transports which lead to less pollutants in the air. We don't need one vehicle per fraction, which minimises the traffic from heavy trucks. The majority of our collection vehicles are natural gas powered, and as soon as biogas becomes available in Lund we will move over to biogas power. This means our customers don't have to load their cars with recyclable materials, and drive several kilometres to a central recycling centre. The users conveniently recycle everything right outside their own door. All in all the result is a large reduction in transports.

Questions and ideas

If you wish to find out more, check out the brochure below and if you have a specific question, please do not hesitate to contact the City of Lund's Cleansing Department.