Special educational needs

Primary school and pre-school meet the needs of most children. For some however this is not sufficient. About 1/5 of the children in primary school and pre-school need more support in their development.

The school is responsible for providing extra support for children and teenagers who have special needs. The school must design that support based on the child’s specific needs and requirements. Children who, for physical, psychological or other reasons need special support for their development are entitled to receive it. Are you (the child’s parent or guardian), concerned that your child is having a hard time with the schoolwork or that your child may have a disability? The first thing you should do in that case is contact the principal or school nurse to get advice and assistance.

Special needs compulsory school (Grundsärskola)

Special needs compulsory school, grundsärskola, is schooling that has been adapted for special-needs children, i.e. children with a learning disability or brain damage who are unable to meet the knowledge requirements of regular, compulsory school.

The Child and Education Committee for Lund Municipality (Barn- och skolförvaltningen) is responsible for deciding whether your child is entitled to attend special needs compulsory school. You should speak to the principal at your child’s school if you believe that your child should be attending the special needs compulsory school. If your child is not currently attending a school in Lund municipality, please contact the Lund Municipality Child and Education Committee.