Special educational needs

Primary school and pre-school meet the needs of most children. For some however this is not sufficient. About 1/5 of the children in primary school and pre-school need more support in their development.

For a small part of the children the need of extra support can not be covered by the regular staff. Schools have therefore the possibility to apply for extra help together with the parents. For some children this could be an education at a school for children with special needs or in one of Lund’s resource schools and groups.

Special Needs School

The national Special Needs School in Lund, Östervångsskolan, is for children with hearing disabilities or deaf children and young people. They receive their education in both sign language and spoken Swedish. You can read more about the national Schools for Special Needs by clicking on the link below.

Resource centre

The Resource centre (”Resurscentrum”) in Lund offers support, guidance and information to students and their parents as well as to staff of the Special Needs 


Child and Education Department

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