Compulsory school

Compulsory school in Sweden is for all children 6 to 16 years old. Within the municipality, you may choose between municipal and independent compulsory schools.

All children and teenagers in Sweden are required to attend school. Children who are 6 years old begin school in the preschool class (grade 0) and thereafter attend grades 1-9 in the compulsory school system. Preschool through grade 9 are compulsory, which means that all children attend school for a total of ten years.

The municipality where you live is responsible for making sure that your child is placed at one of the schools in the compulsory school system. However, you are free to apply for a placement of your child at one of the independent schools. There are no fees for attending compulsory school and this applies to both the municipal and independent schools.

If your family is new in Sweden

If you are new to Sweden and your child will be starting at one of the municipal compulsory schools, you must first contact LundaVälkomsten for an evaluation of your child’s abilities, prior to placement. At LundaVälkomsten, you and your child will also receive information about the Swedish school system, along with help in selecting a school.

Newly arrived children and students

Recreation centre (Fritidshem)

School children between the ages of 6 and 12 have the option of attending fritidshem, which is a recreation centre for after-school activities. Children may attend these activities after the regular school day is over and during the school holidays. Fritidshem is regarded as a supplement to regular school and the activities are run by teachers who have a formal education in pedagogy. However, in order for your child to attend fritidshem, you (the parent or child’s guardian) must either be working or studying. There is also a fee for these activities.

You apply for a place for your child at fritidshem at the same time that you apply for school. If you want to withdraw your child from these after-school activities, you must give notice at least two months prior to the last day that you want your child to attend the fritidshem.

Children who need extra support

The school is responsible for providing extra support for children and teenagers who have special needs. The school must design that support based on the child’s specific needs and requirements. Children who, for physical, psychological or other reasons need special support for their development are entitled to receive it. Are you (the child’s parent or guardian), concerned that your child is having a hard time with the schoolwork or that your child may have a disability? The first thing you should do in that case is contact the principal or school nurse to get advice and assistance.

Special needs compulsory school (Grundsärskola)

Special needs compulsory school, grundsärskola, is schooling that has been adapted for special-needs children, i.e. children with a learning disability or brain damage who are unable to meet the knowledge requirements of regular, compulsory school.

The Child and Education Committee for Lund Municipality (Barn- och skolförvaltningen) is responsible for deciding whether your child is entitled to attend special needs compulsory school. You should speak to the principal at your child’s school if you believe that your child should be attending the special needs compulsory school. If your child is not currently attending a school in Lund municipality, please contact the Lund Municipality Child and Education Committee.

Applying for school and recreation centre (fritidshem)

Prior to your child turning six years old, you should submit an application with your preferences on schools where you would like to enroll your child in the preschool class (grade 0). You may also submit an application if you will soon be moving to Lund municipality or would like to switch to a different school within the municipality.

Application to a municipal compulsory school

You may choose to apply to any of the schools in the municipality. If the school of your choice is not already at full capacity, your child may be enrolled there. If your family is new to Sweden, please contact LundaVälkomsten for assistance with selecting a school.

Link to form for applying to school: ansökan skola

Link for applying to recreation centre: ansökan fritidshem

  • If you have not yet moved to Lund municipality, you will need to supplement the application with some form of documentation proving that you will be moving here, such as a rental agreement or purchase agreement for your new residence.
  • Please note that BOTH of the child’s legal guardians (if there is more than one) must sign the application.

Application to International School of Lund Katedralskolan (ISLK)

Apply to International School of Lund Katedralskolan (ISLK) 

Application to an independent compulsory school

If you would like to enroll your child in an independent compulsory school, you should contact that school directly.

If you have questions about...

Municipal compulsory schools

The government authority in charge of municipal compulsory school in Lund municipality is the Child and Education Committee. Please contact them if you have any questions about compulsory schooling in Lund municipality.

Email to the Child and Education Committee

However, if you have specific questions about your child’s schooling, we suggest that you contact the school that your child attends.

Independent compulsory schools

Each individual independent compulsory school is responsible for any questions you might have about their school. Please contact them directly.

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