LundaVälkomsten is a cooperation between barn- och skolförvaltningen, utbildningsförvaltningen och socialförvaltningen, to facilitate the introduction of newly arrived children and pupils into preschool and education in the municipality of Lund.

Newly arrived pupils in compulsory school and upper-secondary education get an introduction to the Swedish school system at LundaVälkomsten. Here, students' knowledge and needs are mapped to give them a good start in school.

LundaVälkomsten also helps with the application for preschool.

Adults who lack basic knowledge of the Swedish language are welcome to contact LundaVälkomsten who will help with the application for SFI (Swedish for immigrants).

Our premises are centrally located in southern Lund and teachers and a school nurse works here.

Registration for LundaVälkomsten

Fill in the form below and send it to us to register children and students (preschool, compulsory school and upper-secondary education) at LundaVälkomsten.

Registration form

Send the form to:
Barn- och skolförvaltningen
Box 41
221 00 LUND