Newly arrived children and students

The City of Lund welcomes all newly arrived primary and secondary students to LundaVälkomsten. In LundaVälkomsten the students will be registrered and their needs assessed. Students will attend classes at LundaVälkomsten for about 1 to 3 weeks before being offered a school placement.

Preparatory classes

After registration and the assessment at LundaVälkomsten students of compulsory school age are placed at one of the local schools for further assessment and mapping of their needs. Based on this assessment the school principal will decide in which year the student will be enrolled.

Students can be placed in preparatory class or directly integrated in regular class. The aim is to create a safe and positive learning environment for the students. The aim of preparatory classes is to provide students with the opportunity to as quickly and efficiently as possible learn the basics of the Swedish language linked to the different subjects in the curriculum.

The time spent in preparatory class can vary between 6-18 months, depending on different factors such as the age of the student, the schooling background of the student and how quickly the student learns Swedish.

Language Introduction

Pupils who are old enough for secondary school will after their time at LundaVälkomsten be referred to Language Introduction, available at Polhemsskolan and Vipan.

More information about Language Introduction can be found via the link below.

Newly arrived pre-schoolers

LundaVälkomsten helps with application to pre-school for newly arrived children. Newly arrived children in preschool age can be received at the refugee pre-school Solen. Solen is an introductory pre-school/kindergarten for newly arrived refugee children with a residence permit in the City of Lund. These places are distributed via the refugee unit of the social services department.

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