Admission regulations

Your application must be completed to be processed. You need to submit your grades from previous education and visit Lund Counselling Centre in person.

Not all eligible applicants can be offered a place in the public adult education in Lund due to limited economic resources. If there are more applicants than available spots, a selection will be made. The person with shorter previous education will be prioritized over someone with a longer education history, in line with 3 chapter 7 § in the ordinance on public adult education (SFS 2011:1108).

You can follow your application on “my study plan”, on the application portal.

The following status means:

  • Another municipality- you are registered in another municipality than Lund.  Send your application to your home municipality for approval. This is not necessarily if you have registered for an assessment.
  • Accepted- you will shortly receive a confirmation of admittance from the education provider. 
  • Eligible- you are eligible for the applied course(s), education.
  • Approved- Lund municipality has approved your application for a course(s), education. A confirmation of admittance will be sent out.
  • Not eligible- you are not eligible for the applied course(s), education.
  • Not approved- you are not approved for applied course(s).
  • Not prioritized- you are not prioritized for the course(s), education due to limited economic resources.
  • Not complete- your application for assessment is not complete. Grades and/or payment were missing at the time of the application deadline.
  • Reviewed- your application is under review.
  • Supplementary information- your application is incomplete. Read the application directions again and supplement with the missing information.
  • Supplementary qualification- course grade awaits.
  • Not running- applied course(s), education will not be running. Contact Lund Counselling Centre for a new study plan.
  • Test- you will be called for a test prior to the course start to determine your level.