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Who can apply to adult education in Lund?
You are eligible to apply to public adult education from the autumn you turn 20. You are also eligible if you have completed upper secondary school, even if you are younger than 20.

You must be registered in Lund municipality. If you are registered in another municipality, you can apply for education in Lund through your home municipality.

I am registered in another municipality. How do I apply for an education in Lund?
You must contact you home municipality for guidance, study planning and information.

How do I apply to vocational education?
You need to first pay a visit to Lund Counselling Centre if you are interested in vocational education. Bring copies of your grades from previous education.

Application to the courses/programmes are done via the application portal for Lund adult education. We highly recommend that you pay a study visit to the education provider, with the course/programme you are interested in.

How do I apply to Komvux or Hermods?
Apply via the application portal. You can find the link on the start page. Visit Lund Counselling Centre for a private conversation about your studies and for a study plan.

I don’t have a complete upper secondary school education/I don’t meet the entry requirements. What do I do?
It is always possible to supplement your upper secondary school education/ fundamental entry requirements. There are different options and possibilities, depending on how old your education is and the type of previous education you have. Contact Lund Counselling Centre to do a study plan relevant for you.

I am not eligible for the education that I want to apply to. What do I do?
If you lack a course required for an education, you can take the course through adult education.

I need to raise my average grade from upper secondary school. What do I do?
You can improve your grades with an assessment. A web application for an assessment can be done on the application portal for Lund adult education. A link can be found on the start page.

I need a course to get credit increments. What do I do?
You have the possibility to take courses through adult education to increase your credit increments. You can also do assessments if that suit you better. You can apply for an assessment or courses on the application portal for Lund adult education. A link to the portal can be found on the start page.

How do I do an assessment?
When you do an assessment, you don’t follow classes, rather you study a course on your own. You are assessed afterwards for the course. For some subjects/courses, there are some assignments before or after the assessment. This can be laboratory sessions or oral examinations for language courses.

Most assessments take place at Hermods in Lund. There is approximately one assessment opportunity each month. You can apply for an assessment on the application portal for Lund adult education.

A link to the portal can be found on the start page.

Do I need to book an appointment to meet a study counsellor?
No. You are welcome to Lund Counselling Centre during our opening hours. Our opening hours can be found on the start page.



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