Are you 16-20 years and haven’t completed upper secondary school?

Are you 16-20 years and haven’t started or finished upper secondary school? Your municipality have a responsibility to offer you relevant individual arrangements. This responsibility is called the municipality activity responsibility (KAA). We have a duty to motivate you to resume your studies or support you to approach the labour market, in order for you to move towards a job and an independent livelihood.

How does this work?

During your first meeting with us, you will meet a study and career guidance counsellor from Lund Counselling Centre.  The study and career guidance counsellor will do a mapping of your situation, and will discuss your future together with you. We might also seek support from other relevant people in the municipality to help realize your wishes and needs. You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions or want support. 

Contact information
Annika Nellhov
Phone: 0729-81 63 36


Lunds Vägledningscentrum

Besöksadress: Stora Södergatan 47, 2:a våningen
Telefon: 046-359 74 90

Education Department

Postal address: Box 138, 221 00 Lund
Visitors address: Stora Södergatan 47, Lund
Telephone (switchboard): 046-359 50 00

Opening hours: The office of the Education Department is open Monday - Friday 8am - 12am, 1pm - 3.30pm.