Economy, travel and accommodation

As a student at upper secondary school, you receive student finance up to the spring term of the year you turn 20. There are three different forms of student finance.

  • Study allowance,  which you receive from the quarter after you turn 16. You don’t have to apply for the grant. You receive it automatically each month in arrears (4 months during the autumn term and 6 months during the spring term).
  • Supplementary allowance, for those who need additional allowance. You can apply for supplementary allowance using a special form available at your school counsellor or CSN.
  • Boarding Supplement is an allowance you apply from your home municipality. It is a support available for those who need to seek boarding due to lengthy and troublesome commute.

Boarding Supplement

Apply for boarding supplement

Apply using a paper form

Travel allowance

You can apply for a travel allowance if you are registered in Lund municipality and study an upper secondary education, with at least 6 kilometres commute to school.

Who is eligible for travel allowance?

To receive travel allowance (for example upper secondary card or cash compensation), you must fulfil following requirements:

  • You must be undertaking education at upper secondary school or Komvux.
  • You must have the right to study support or child benefit.
  • Your daily commute between your home and school must be at least 6 km in distance.
  • You should not receive boarding supplement, study grant or apprenticeship salary.
  • You can also apply for additional allowance if you have more than 6 km from your registered address to your closest bus stop.
  • You can get the card up to the spring term of the year you turn 20.

If you live in different homes in Lund municipality, you might have the right to travel allowance if you have 6 km to school from any of your homes. The application form can be found at the end of the page.

This is how you apply

If you have moved, interrupted or haven’t started your studies

If you move, interrupt or don’t start your studies, you are no longer eligible for a travel allowance. You must then return the upper secondary card or cash compensation you received, for the remaining period.

If you have consciously provided us with misleading information, you must return the upper secondary card or the money you have received.

Appeal a decision

A student whose application for travel allowance has been unsuccessful, can appeal the decision. Send your written appeal to the Education Committee in Lund municipality. Decisions about your appeal is made by the administrative court in Malmö.  The appeal should include an account of what decision you want changed and how you want the decision changed. We should receive your appeal within three weeks from the date you receive the decision.