Choices and admission

You can apply to programmes in municipalities where your home municipality has a cooperation agreement with. If there is no agreement, you are free to choice a place of study. Municipalities in Skåne, as well as Karlshamn, Olofström, Ronneby and Sölvesborg municipalities in Blekinge have a collective cooperation agreement on free application. The agreement gives youth in these districts, the possibility to freely apply to national programmes, specialized education, national sports education, and programme-specific individual choice. To apply to an upper secondary school in Lund, you must be registered in Lund or another municipality in Skåne or the four municipalities in Blekinge.

Applying to upper secondary school

Entry Requirements

General entry requirements

You must be under 20 and haven’t completed an upper secondary education.

Specific entry requirements for higher education preparatory programmes

At least a pass grade in English, Mathematics and Swedish/Swedish as second language and in at least 9 other subjects.

For the Economics, Humanistic and Social Science Programmes, you must have at least a pass grade in Geography, History, Religion and Social Sciences.

For the Natural Science and Technology Programmes, you must have at least a pass grade in Biology, Physics and Chemistry.

Specific entry requirements for vocational programmes

At least a pass grade in English, Mathematics and Swedish/Swedish as second language and in at least 5 other subjects.

Exception for requirements in English

If you lack a pass grade in English but fulfil the other entry requirements, you can in some cases still be deemed eligible for a programme.

An exception might be possible if

  • You haven’t had the possibility to participate in English classes during a significant part of your compulsory school period due to personal circumstances.
  • You are deemed to have the qualifications to carry out studies in the applied programme.

If you are not eligible to apply for a national programme, you can apply to an Introduction Programme. Contact in that case the guidance counsellor at your school for more information.

Applying an upper secondary school

You can apply to an upper secondary school via the web application To make an online application, you need log-in details. Students in year 9 in Skåne will receive a personal password from their guidance counsellors. If you aren’t in year 9, you can register at Gymnasieantagningen and receive a password. On Skånegy, you can even chat with a guidance counsellor.

Web application to upper secondary school on Skånegy

You can also apply to upper secondary school with an application form.

Form for upper secondary school application

Offer of place and selection procedure

We offer every student eligible a place on a national programme. We aim to offer students their first-hand choice. If there are more applicants to a programme in relation to available space, we extend the spaces in the programme as far as possible. If that is not sufficient, we do a selection based on grades.

We calculate a merit-value through a grade calculation

We calculate a merit-value from the applicant’s grades.

The grades are rated from the scale below:

  • A = 20 points
  • B = 17,5 points
  • C = 15 points
  • D = 12,5 points
  • E = 10 points
  • F =0 point

The value of your 16 best grades are added to get your merit-value. If you have studied a language in the subject, language selection, you can transfer the credits as a 17th grade.

Free quota

If you a special reasons, you can ask to be assessed for a free quota. This means that you get an individual assessment for admission to the programmes to which you have applied. Contact the guidance counsellor at your school for more information.

Timeline for admission

  1. 15 February is the application deadline. When you are done with your application, send your application/confirmation of your application to the guidance counsellor at your school or the school office in your municipality.
  2. In the middle of April, you will be able to log in with your log-in details to and see the preliminary admission decision. If you have applied using an application form, you receive a decision in letter via mail.
  3. Between 25 April and 15 May, you can do a re-selection. You will have the possibility to add new choices and/or change the order of priority of your choices.
  4. In the first week in July, you will receive a letter by mail to see the final admission decision on There you can even find information on how to accept your admission.

You can’t appeal an admission decision. However, you can let us know if you think a mistake has been made. Send in a written notification to and we will try to correct any possible mistake.

  1. 23 July is the final confirmation day and also the final day to supplement your final grade with new grades.
  2. On 6 August we start reserve admissions. You can find your reserve number on the web application If you answered that you wanted to be a reserve for a higher choice, you will be offered a place as soon as it is your turn on the reserve list. Your previous admission will automatically be removed. The first admission decisions are sent out via mail. When it’s closer to school start, we contact you via phone, e-mail or text.
  3. We end admissions on 14 September. After this date, it is the headmaster of each upper secondary school that decides over admission if there are available spots.