Upper secondary school

In Lund, you can choose between five public and 12 private upper secondary schools. The public upper secondary schools offer a wide range of programmes, allowing you to choose the education that suits you!

At the public upper secondary schools, you can choose between:

  • All the Higher education preparatory programmes
  • 9 vocational programmes
  • 4 specialized education
  • Upper Secondary School for pupils with learning disabilities with 4-year programmes
  • Two options of the Natural Sciences Programme
  • International Baccalaureate (IB)
  • Programme-specific individual choice (IMPRO)

Lund’s public upper secondary schools have approximately 5 600 pupils, with about half of the students from other municipalities. Pupils living in Skåne are free to apply to any upper secondary school education in the county with their final certificate from compulsory school.

The freedom to apply to any school in Skåne is an agreement that applies to pupils in the 33 municipalities of Skåne and in 4 municipalities in Blekinge.

A very warm welcome to Lund’s municipality!