Bullying, comfort, safety

A basic human right is the right to be treated equally. All students in school have the same rights – all children, regardless of their ethnic background, religion or spiritual belief, physical disability, sexual preferences, gender identity or expression as well as age.

All students have the right to be at school without having to accept any form of offending treatment. The school has the responsibility to act as soon as it is known to any member of the staff that a student suffers from harassment, bullying or offending treatment. The school has to investigate what has happened and has to act in order to stop and prevent for continuous mortifications.  

If the school does not enough to prevent a student to continuously harass or bully another student, the school’s principle can be found liable and would therefore have to pay damages to the exposed student. The same applies for member of the staff if they break the law by harassing a student through discrimination or offending treatment. Damages can be higher if the anti-discrimination plan of the school does not fulfil the legal requirements.  

Every school has to have a plan again discrimination and offending treatment that has to be reviewed annually.