Sfi - Swedish for immigrants

Sfi courses are designed for immigrants to give them basic knowledge of the Swedish language. You will learn to speak, read and write in Swedish. You will also practice conversation, in everyday and workplace scenarios. You will receive a grade after completing the course. There is no charge for participating in an Sfi course.


To make an application for Sfi you must book a meeting with us. Please email us your contact details and Swedish personal number alternatively samordingsnummer and we will get back to you. Thank you

Email: lundavalkomstenvux@lund.se.

Phone: 046- 359 60 88


Monday - Thursday  11am - 12pm,  1pm - 2pm 

Friday 11am - 12pm

Visiting address: Mellanvångsvägen, building C

Postal address: 

Barn- och skolförvaltningen LundaVälkomsten

Box 41, 221 00 Lund

Our staff speaks Swedish and English

Eligibility to participate in Sfi

You must have a Swedish personal identity number (in Swedish, personnummer) to participate in Sfi. Alternatively, you will be eligible if you are an EU citizen and have a coordination number (in Swedish, samordningsnummer). You must also be at least 16 years old.

Sfi –Application

To make an application for Sfi you must book a meeting with us. We will then register your visit, thereafter you will receive information and assistance in applying to a Sfi course. You will be asked questions in regards to your background, previous work experience and studies enabling us to make an individual assessment of which path within Sfi is best suitable for you.

Do you already have some previous knowledge in Swedish you will also be able to discuss with a teacher and possibly do a language test to find out at what level of Sfi course you should apply to.

Selecting schools

  • Sfi 1 is for you with short or no school education from your home country.
  • Sfi 2 is for you with 5-11 years of study from your home country.
  • Sfi 3 is for you with more than 12 or more years of study from your home country.

Study path 1, students attend Sfi at Komvux Lund
Study path 2 and 3, students may choose to attend Sfi at Komvux Lund or Hvilan Sfi (a division of Folkhögskolan Hvilan).

Information about the courses offered at each school is available here:

Komvux Lund SFI

Hvilan SFI (a division of Folkhögskolan Hvilan).

You may be placed on a waiting list.

Need for special support

If you have a disability and need extra support to participate in Sfi please notify us of that when you apply to the course. If you have any questions, please call us or send an email.

Examination/ Prövning in Sfi

What is an examination?

An examination in sfi means that you must show your knowledge in all parts of the course. Tutoring or teaching is not included. During the examination, you do several written and oral assignments. The national test is only one part of the test. You must do several tests at different times.

You can register for the test in sfi courses B, C and D.

How do I register?

For registration to do an examination email us at lundavalkomstenvux@lund.se

You will then be called to a meeting at LundaVälkomsten to make a registration and get more information. At the meeting, you need to show photo ID and grades on previous courses if you have studied Sfi in a municipality other than Lund. You must be at least 16 years old.

When can I not take a test?

You may not take an examination in the course you are enrolled in.

What does it cost to take a test?

An examination costs SEK 500 per course. You will not get your money back if the examination is not completed. You can get more information about this at LundaVälkomsten.

You make the payment via your bank to Bankgiro 991-1355.

In the message field on the payment, write: 3582.3399.4716 and the course (B, C or D) name and social security number of the person who is to carry out the test.

When the payment is completed, you bring your payment confirmation / receipt to LundaVälkomsten to show that the payment has been completed.

When can I do a test?

You can register for the examination all year round, but you may have to wait for your examination to start.


Visiting address: Mellanvångsvägen 10, building C

Postal address:

Barn- och skolförvaltningen LundaVälkomsten

Box 41

221 00 LUND

Reception: +46 (0)46-359 60 88

Our phone hours Monday - Thursday  11am - 12 noon,  3pm - 4pm and Friday 11am - 12 noon

Camilla Lantz Jacobsson, Head of LundaVälkomsten

Email: lundavalkomstenvux@lund.se.