Adult education in Lund’s municipality

Adult education in Lund offers several different options to those who want to start studying as an adult. This allows you to choose an education that suits your interests, needs and circumstances.

Applying for an adult education

You search for an adult education on the application portal.  You will need an account to make an application.

Create a login for the application portal

Application portal for adult education

If you want more information about the education options and the application, you can visit the Lund Counselling Centre, located on Stora Södergatan 47, Lund.

What can you study?

We have listed some of the course options you can study within the adult education in Lund below. The complete range of courses and programmes can be found in the course catalogue on the Komvux webpage. There, you can even find information about the application process, the new course system and the upper secondary school degree within adult education.

You can study:

  • Foundation adult education that corresponds to the level of compulsory school, but adapted for adults.
  • Education in Swedish as a second language for adult migrants.
  • Specialized education for adults with learning disabilities or an acquired brain injury
  • Upper secondary school with elective courses for individuals missing entire or parts of an upper secondary school education.
  • Vocational education, where a work placement can be included. Previous work experiences can be validated to shorten the study period.
  • Higher Vocational Education Training as a medical secretary.

The adult education is operated by the municipality’s Komvux and other educational operators.