Education is a priority for the City of Lund and we strive to maintain the highest standards in all areas of child-care and education, from pre-school to university.

Diversity, freedom of choice, and cultural appreciation are keywords in shaping theday-to-day activities at all levels of the school system. We also work hard to achieve a safe and creative school environment in order to create the best possible foundation for the best possible learning experience.

How does it work?

The school system in Lund is organised according to the principles laid down in the Education Act. The basis of this system is a nine-year compulsory school, from which pupils progress to voluntary upper secondary schooling. Pre-school and adult education - equivalent to upper secondary education - are also available.

Pre-schools and compulsory schools run by the City of Lund are organised by Barn- och skolförvaltningen (literally translated into Child and School Administration) which is administered by a Child and Education Committee.

The Education Committee supervises the independent pre-schools and private compulsory schools. The voluntary educational forms - upper secondary school and adult education - are administered by the Education Committee.