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Lund is not like other places – Innovation is a part of everyday life here.

Good ideas that turn into companies often come from research at Lund University and University Hospital. They are developed in northern Europe's largest science parks; Ideon Science Park & Medicon Village and in other innovation environments in Lund. Two world-class material research facilities will soon open in Lund: MAX IV and ESS.

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World-class creativity

Inventions from Lund have saved millions of lives. The artificial kidney, the modern respirator, and medical ultrasound are just a few examples. Brands such as ProViva, Oatly, and Bluetooth have their roots in Lund. Food packaging that revolutionized the world is still produced here. The city boasts world class companies developing new solutions for the mobile sector.

Lund is growing fast and there is room for more companies with creative people. There are great opportunities for success when you establish your business here. Many companies in Lund export their goods and services, contributing to Lund’s international character.

Lund is close to everything. Excellent public transport, just 30 minutes to Copenhagen Airport, a medieval city centre with trendy restaurants and cafes. There’s a vibrant cultural life, lovely places to live, top international schools, unique outdoor experiences. All within cycling distance.



Besöksadress: Ekska huset, Sankt Petri Kyrkogata 4
Postadress: Näringslivsavdelningen, Lunds kommun, Box 41, 221 00 Lund
Telefon Medborgarcenter: 046-359 50 00 
E-post: Näringslivsavdelningens medarbetare >>

City Office

Postal address: Box 41, 221 00 Lund
Visitors address: Stortorget 7, Lund
Telephone (switchboard): 046-35 50 00