Lund Youth Policy

Youth policy in Lund is a municipal activity that works to give young people a place to influence in local democracy. We create various forums and forms for young people between the ages of 12-25 in Lund to make their voices heard.


Ungdomsting - Youth council

The Youth Council is a forum where young people between the ages of 12 and 25 gather to get involved, influence and discuss issues that are important to young people in Lund. The goal of the Youth Council is that all young people's opinions on issues that concern them in particular should be put forward and create a platform for influence in the municipality. The Youth Council contains lectures, workshops and the opportunity to meet young people from schools throughout Lund and associations that work both in Lund and throughout Sweden. The youth councils are done twice per semester and are planned and implemented by young people themselves and take place during school hours, usually in the mornings.

Information on when the next Youth Council is can be found at:
or on ours
social media, Ung i Lund.

Influence cafés

Our Influence cafés are aimed at those who go to special school. Here the focus is on participating in various workshop stations where you can try everything from creating bracelets to trying street art or forum theater. The influence cafés came into being when we realized that special school students were rarely represented at the Youth Council. At the cafés, it is about trying different activities and expressing and exploring their democratic rights in a more practical way. The influence cafés take place a couple of weeks before the Youth Council and have the same theme, all to make the young people from the special school feel extra welcome at the Youth Council. At the cafés, we use the method of graphic facilitation, we draw the young people's opinions on a huge illustration. After the café, the illustration is used in advocacy work. Information about when the next Influence Café is can be found on the links above.

In addition to Youth Councils and Influence Cafés, we offer student council days, support for young people's own organization in the form of special grants and coaching, support in writing Lund proposals, ensure that young people's voices are heard in various major processes in the municipality, educate on issues concerning the Convention on the Rights of the Child and much more.
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Anna Sigurgeirsdóttir
Unit manager: för stöd och strategi.

Fanny Holmberg