Cultivation plots

Cultivation plots cannot be used to build in, and the area is less serviced compared to an allotment. We allocate cultivation plots through a queuing system on our website which you can sign up for. The plots are located in Lund, Dalby, and Södra Sandby and as they are in high demand, there may be some waiting time included.

At a cultivation plot, all you can do is grow things. There is no cottage like with an allotment garden. Cultivation plots are assigned in order from our queue, which you can sign up for via an e-service here on our website. How it works:

  • You must be registered as a resident of the City of Lund.
  • You must have BankID and an email address to join the queue and be able to receive offers. 
  • There is a single queue for all cultivation areas, go to e-service for queue
  • Offers for available plots are sent by email to a limited number of applicants in the queue. If you are interested, you must respond by the given deadline. The available lot is assigned to the applicant who had been in queue the longest. You should look at the available lot before expressing an interest so you are sure you are willing to sign a lease if you are assigned the lot. If you express an interest in a lot and are invited to sign a lease but turn it down, you will lose your place in the queue. If you are not interested in the cultivation area or that particular lot, you do not need to respond or do anything. You will still keep your place in the queue.
  • You can only get one lot, regardless of its size.
  • We cannot provide any information on estimated queue time. Expect to wait about 3–5 years within the City of Lund.
  • You are responsible for making sure that the email address you give us is correct. If you need to change your contact details after joining the queue, call 046-359 50 00.

How much does it cost?

Cultivation plots currently cost SEK 5 per m2 and year, and the size of the lots vary between 50 and 200 m2. The lease fee is paid per year and cannot be divided up per month. Anyone assigned a cultivation plot after 20 August, towards the end of the growing season, will not pay a lease fee the first calendar year.


During the growing season, there is access to water at all areas. The water is switched on when the ground is no longer frozen and there is no longer a risk of frost. There is no set date for this. We are not able to deliver compost to the cultivation plot areas, and do not turn the soil of cultivation plots other than in exceptional cases.

Digital signature of lease

The lease is sent to you by e-mail for digital signature using BankID or similar.  Once the municipality also has signed, you can download the lease and start using your cultivation plot.


Note that you are not allowed to transfer your lot to anyone else. Subletting is not permitted. An available lot is always assigned via our queue. Cultivation plots are leased one calendar year at a time. The lease is automatically extended by one year unless notice of termination is given by december 31st.

To terminate your cultivation plot, use this e-service.

The cultivation plot lease is terminated once you have received a confirmation from us.

General terms and conditions

You are not allowed to build anything bigger than, for example, toolboxes, hotbeds, or small greenhouses on the cultivation plot. Allotment and cultivation plot activities must have an organic focus in accordance with the City of Lund's environmental policy.

If the cultivation plot is not taken care of in accordance with applicable rules, the lease may be terminated. Any comments on how a cultivation plot is being taken care of should be submitted to the Technical Services Department.


Park and nature

Technical Services Department

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Telephone: 046–359 75 00, 35 50 00
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