Sports and outdoors

Here you can find more information about the possibility to do sports and the outdoor lifestyle here in Lund. Fishing, hiking, running – all of this is no problem in and around Lund.

Idrott och motion

Sports are an important part of Lund, which shows in the many clubs and associations you can join to practice your favourite sport. Many people in Lund are involved in the sports movement. 

Exercise tracks and hiking trails
There are many walking paths, walking trails, hiking trails and nature trails to choose from in our grove nature. Here are some example tours of varying lengths.

Naturum Skrylle

At Naturum Skrylle you can learn about the area's plants, birds, insects and animals. The seasonal program offers many exciting activities.
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Cycling and cycle paths

Lund is in many ways the epitome of a Scanian city; surrounded by arable land, not so much mountains and absolutely perfect for cycling! In Lund municipality, you have many opportunities for good cycling.
Discover the Cycle paths


Fritidsbanken functions as a library, but with sports and leisure items. We collect items that are no longer used and lend them for free for up to 14 days.
Visit Fritidsbanken in Lund