Urban gardening - at Brunnshög

The Brunnshög urban gardening area is located in the northern parts of Lund. Here, you can garden on your own, together with friends and family, or within your interest group.

Växthus hos Odla i Lund, Brunnshög

About the project

The Brunnshög urban gardening project provide allotments and a greenhouse where gardening, social gatherings and gardening courses take place for its members. Guided visits and workshops are also available. The area comprises over 100 lots of 50-100 sq. meters in addition to common berry patches, beehives and a chicken yard.

Cultivation at Brunnshög is characterized by diversity, community and the spirit of special interest groups. Some of our members garden on their own, while others combine their efforts with family and friends or special interest groups. 

How it works

Want to join? Register online and we will contact you when there is a plot available. The online service is in Swedish, please contact the citizens' centre if you need assistance at phone 046 - 359 50 00.

Register online for urban gardening at Brunnshög

  • Lease agreement: Gardening members must sign a lease agreement with the municipality for their lot. The fee is 5 kroner/sq. meter. Garden lots are leased as is.
  • Garden meetings / Community work days: Meetings are held regularly throughout the season where we discuss open topics and work together on projects. Members are encouraged to partake in these.
  • Courses / gardening advice: We welcome our members at Brunnshög to participate in a free gardening course running the entire season, covering both greenhouse as well as open-air gardening. Members are offered advisory sessions with our teaching gardener in solving special problems at their lot. We also offer a beekeeping course in cooperation with OIKOS Community. Holma Folkhögskola run a half-time course in gardening and sustainable development as well.
  • Greenhouse: The greenhouse and food produced therein are primarily meant for those attending the greenhouse course.
  • Container / gardening tools: Members have access to a common collection of tools stored on location in a container.
  • Watering: Water access is limited and used sparingly. Water is drawn with cans from tanks spread throughout the allotment area.

Why urban gardening in Brunnshög?

Urban gardening is a part of the investment in Brunnshög, a new city quarter that will be on the forefront of sustainable development. Here, new development solutions spanning from building techniques to public spaces will be welcome. Brunnshög will grow around the two research facilities MAX IV and ESS and will in time provide housing for 40,000 residents.

Relocation to Kunskapsparken

There are plans for an allotment area in a new park at Brunnshög and we will welcome to it firstly those members currently active in the Brunnshög project. Kunskapsparken will be the project's permanent location and an integral part of the park milieu. The move will take place when the park is finished, preliminary in 2021-2022.

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